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The Hoka Clifton 9 is a compact everyday trainer with a central Meta-Rocker for energy-saving transitions. It has a smooth ride that is on the soft side and is best suited for slow, easy runs. The Clifton version 9 has an extra 3 mm of foam in the middle for a more comfortable feel. It also has a modified CMEVA sole that provides a smoother ride than previous models.

Which Hoka Shoe Has The Most Cushion

Which Hoka Shoe Has The Most Cushion

If you’re a runner looking for a casual and hillclimbing trainer, the Clifton 9 delivers. The Clifton 9 has a high level of stability and feels comfortable over long distances.

Hoka One One Mens Bondi 6 Running Sneaker Shoes

If you have really wide feet, the Clifton 9 won’t work for you because even the wider version is narrower than most trainers. If you like a flexible and comfortable everyday trainer, the Clifton 9 won’t work for you either because its length is longer.

When Running Warehouse announced the best selling shoes for 2022, The Clifton was the number 1 selling running shoe in both men’s and women’s categories. This is impressive considering that there are only 8 Clifton models to date and it continues to compete with flagships such as Pegasus and Wave Rider that have been around for over 25 years.

There are many reasons why the Clifton sells so well but the main reason is the thick, thick center that provides great comfort. While they are not the softest shoes on the market by any means, they “look” protected and very modern. Recently, Hokas has also been seen on the feet of celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Britney Spears.

I have run in the last 3 Cliftons and the shoe has evolved steadily over the years. It used to be a really soft regular cycle trainer, good for slow runs but over the years it’s gotten stronger and more efficient – a true everyday trainer.

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I found the previous version, the Clifton 8 to be a great everyday workhorse with no major weaknesses. I liked the strong forefoot which made it more capable of casual running but it had a prominent bucket seat that accommodated my arch (a trademark of the Clifton franchise).

There was no update to last year’s Clifton and the Clifton 8 was a complete update (top, middle and exterior) so surprisingly this year’s Clifton 9 is also a complete update. Notable improvements include 3 mm of increased midsole height, a tweaked CMEVA midsole and a redesigned outsole.

It now weighs 8.7 oz (247 g) for US 9 men which is 0.2 oz (6 g) lighter than its predecessor. It comes in at $145 making it one of the most expensive mid-range, daily neutral trainers on the market.

Which Hoka Shoe Has The Most Cushion

I tried 2 types in the store: distance and normal distance type. The wide version was fun but I didn’t like how it turned out. The regular width version is comfortably half the size of my regular size and looks sleeker—more simple—so I bought the regular width.

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My first run on the Clifton 9 was a really fast comeback. I wear medium thick socks and the top is very tight, especially in the toe box. I had to stop untying the laces 3 times on this run to try to create more space in the shoe. I regret not buying the wide version. After this run, I only wear thin socks and the fit was better, but still not good enough.

The last two shoes I tried were the Invincible Run 3 and the Nimbus 25, a very soft max-cushion shoe so the Clifton 9 was a bit firmer but I expected this one. It felt the same as I remember the Clifton 8: very thick, smooth with a subtle Meta-Rocker midrange but the Clifton 9 was smoother.

Another thing I noticed in this first race was that there was no air bucket seat floating in my bow. This is something I have always felt with past Cliftons.

I’m not sure why but Hoka has a knack for big toe boxes. Even a half size bigger than my regular size, the Clifton 9 (in the regular width) is so narrow that it gave me a pink nail polish on my long run in it.

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I recommend the wide version if you have normal wide feet as the normal wide version makes my feet too narrow. It runs true to size in a wide format.

The tongue changes from an invisible tongue, which is attached on both sides to one that is attached on only one side. I haven’t noticed any tongue slippage, so I think this is a nice change because it allows for more comfort.

The heel lock on the Clifton 9 is great, with or without the runner lock. The ankle area and heel table are very comfortable for the comfort of the back of the shoe is very good. It still has a very 2020 elf heel page.

Which Hoka Shoe Has The Most Cushion

The top is made of a machine-made knit that doesn’t feel like embroidery-it’s not stiff so it’s important you order the right size. Breathability is better than the Clifton 8 because the mesh is thinner.

Hoka Bondi 8

Many runners want Hoka to change the Clifton’s midsole foam from EVA to TPU, special foam or something else that provides more energy but the reason Hoka uses pressure EVA is because it’s amazing. A lot of foam in the middle of the Clifton while keeping it under 9 oz (255 g) for a standard men’s size.

The new CMEVA system in the middle of the Clifton 9 has been improved to be soft and light, but still has energy return power. The midsole has an extra 3 mm stack height but is lighter than the rear at the same time.

The Clifton 9 ride is on the soft side. You can expect a smoother and squishier ride than other mid-day trainers like the Ghost 15, Pegasus 39, Ride 15 and Novablast 3 so if you prefer a solid everyday trainer, the Clifton 9 is not for you.

I like the Clifton 9 for easy steps that are slower than 5:30 per kilometer (8:52 per mile). I feel that the soft ride makes it less suitable for fast walking unlike the Clifton 8 which can handle steps faster. The Clifton 9 has more distance stability so it is good for long runs.

Hoka One One Bondi Slip Resistant

One of the most important features of the Clifton, apart from its jumbo core is its Meta-Rocker core. The toe and heel shoes create a medial curve for smoother and faster transitions because the runner doesn’t walk. Meta-Rocker makes long runs in the Clifton 9 very comfortable and energy saving, as if the shoe helps you on the road.

Comfort on the Clifton 9 is excellent. Not only does it have a very wide base, but it also has a midsole that wraps around the foot and guides it while walking. This intermediate trainer would be ideal for even extremes due to its high level of stability.

The Clifton 8 has a modified exterior with diagonal flex grooves in the front of the forefoot instead of lateral flex grooves for the forefoot of the Clifton 8 is stronger than previous Cliftons. The Clifton 9 also has curved diagonal holes, just like the Clifton 8; A strong front wheel makes the front wheel faster and helps the rocker work better.

Which Hoka Shoe Has The Most Cushion

The sole has a good amount of rubber protection and you can expect the same durability from the Clifton 9. I did not notice significant outsole wear when I tried the shoe. The outside grip is most common on the top of the shirt due to the flat design of the outside.

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The Clifton 8 was one of the most popular running shoes last year and the Clifton 9 is one of the most popular this year. Most runners want comfortable running shoes with a durable ride and good weight; The Clifton 9 offers all 3 (if you buy the right size).

The main difference between the Clifton and other regular trainers in the middle of the series is that the Clifton looks like a max-cushion trainer due to its large midsole thus giving you the impression that it is softer, more cushioned and more protective than its competitors. .

Don’t expect a fun, bouncy ride from the Clifton 9 because you will be disappointed. This trainer is designed to be a serious everyday trainer in the same vein as the Brooks Ghost and Nike Pegasus.

The Clifton 9 is an improvement over its predecessor and I recommend the upgrade if you prefer a smoother ride with more comfort. A dramatic arc was struck

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