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How to nurture culture No matter where your employees are between forgetting what day it is, not knowing what your weekend plans are, or when you’ll see your colleagues again for happy hour, the pandemic is on Many people are affected, including your employees who are going to temporarily work remotely. But along the way to the “new normal,” many organizations have found fun and creative ways to strengthen and improve company culture and boost morale during tough times. Here are 40 ideas to get you started: 3 great ways to improve our company culture. While each of these points deserves its own article, we were particularly impressed by some of the initiatives that companies have taken to improve morale and show that their company culture can evolve and grow to new heights. Here are some of our favorites: 1. Communication and Recognition Links SafeAmerica Credit Union (SACU) has launched an employee engagement platform to keep employees engaged and recognize top performers, which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. became important To ensure that employees receive relevant information and updates in a timely manner, the organization publishes daily updates on the COVID-19 blog, providing advice on their mental and physical health care, as well as important Commercial advertising. SACU has also launched new e-cards to highlight the hard work being done in difficult times – including ‘Virtual High Five’, ‘Must Be Strong’ and ‘Covid-19 Hero’. These emails sit on a socially recognized wall to increase visibility and communication across the organization. 2. Engage leaders and share useful advice Henley Homes has approximately 550 employees across Australia. Many of the employees work in the construction industry and in various exhibitions around the country, so much of their workforce was already working remotely before the Covid-19 pandemic forced office workers to work from home. Many employees are accustomed to using email for communication, but this means that inboxes are full and access is a challenge; Finding ways to connect and strengthen culture has become a major focus for Henley’s people team. They spent time updating the design of the Henley Hub, “making it more engaging and enjoyable for their employees to log in and read content. In addition to launching a COVID-19 response center, Henley Homes is also looking to improve its team’s physical and It has also launched an online health center for mental health support, such as posting announcements and updates about its employees in May. The team is also committed to increasing the frequency of blogging so that employees are always reading about the company. and have new content to learn. For the first time, they asked employees across the business to suggest add-ons. The content—from curators to ergonomic exercises to homeschool tips and everything in between— Provides blogs on topics, people support each other by leaning 3. Bring competitive fun while encouraging binge-watching at home The idea is simple, the options are endless, and dozens of RG members have already done it. We want to encourage creativity by asking RG members to recreate a scene from something they’re currently watching, whether it’s from a favorite movie or a new TV show they’re into. We ask staff to: 1. Take a picture of the opening scene. 2. Take a photo of yourself recreating the scene, using household items (we’ve included and encouraged objects such as pets, children and other family members to enter the contest!) 3. Culture Share a screenshot of the split screen with the team. Fun and exciting to see how creative our RG staff can be. We also had some exceptional entries from RG parents who brought their children to the challenge. Here’s a quick look at them: Here are some of our winners: Dimitar Chaushev, Leo Hyde, Ngoc Tran, Pippa Van Prague We hope these ideas help you think of new ideas to be more creative so you can Grow your company culture, even when your employees are working remotely. The more effort we put into changing the culture, the more impact we will see later. I’d love to hear from you on LinkedIn: Have you tried any of these or have anything else to add to our list?

Ways To Improve Culture In The Workplace

Ways To Improve Culture In The Workplace

As Head of Global Engagement and Internal Relations, Kathryn’s primary focus is making Inam Gateway a great place to work. Using the Engagement Bridge™ model, she promotes our mission, purpose and values ​​while adding sparkle and creativity to our internal communications. Head of Global Engagement and Internal Relations

Ways To Improve Workplace Culture

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People accept the organizational culture and operate within it every day. Having clear values ​​can contribute significantly to good behavior and a better culture.

When it comes to communicating a company’s values, few tools can improve corporate culture as unimpressive as an employee handbook. They are boring and bureaucratic and most people don’t even read them. However, there is a way to combat this by personalizing your workplace culture and writing about the things that are important to you. Companies can do this by creating a culture book. It doesn’t take a lot of money just a little innovation. Start by asking your team for valuable stories that represent your workplace culture and then build on them.

Ideas To Improve Workplace Mental Health In 2021

One of the best ways to build corporate culture and better understand your team and what’s important to them is to engage in the fun activity of creating and sharing personal maps. Groups can do this by moving their feet, moving the table or moving the microphone, the idea being to reduce the distance between you and the others. A great way to do this, especially if you are not in the same office, is to create a mind map to tell your story and invite your colleagues to get to know you better.

A good idea to improve organizational culture is to focus on values, which are currently in vogue. However, the question remains: Do you know what you are worth? Does your team know what their values ​​are? There’s a difference between core values, aspirational values, and organizational values, and it’s important to know what’s valuable to you so you can protect what you already have and start creating new value. do

Identity management is about managing belonging and is a great tool for improving workplace culture, and what makes things easier when people feel a sense of belonging. This can be difficult to identify without a clear name, picture or symbol. Imagine how difficult it would be to manage a family without family members, family history, family assets and family traditions. The same applies to teams, organizational culture and relationships

Ways To Improve Culture In The Workplace

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