Social Media Negative And Positive Effects – The impact of social media on education has both positive and negative aspects. There are many positive effects of social networks in education, which have significantly changed the educational style of teachers and students. In fact, social media has a very rapid impact on student performance.

This article analyzes the positive and negative effects of social media on educational institutions, teachers and students in general.

Social Media Negative And Positive Effects

Social Media Negative And Positive Effects

It is a widely available free electronic tool for publishing, accessing and collaborating with any type of socially acceptable content and information with the world, and a way to build new relationships.

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It is a commerce tool for businesses, a platform for children’s games and sharing relevant information with media groups, and a digital classroom for students.

Billions of people see and share trillions of posts on Facebook, which include text, photos, videos and graphics.

According to the study, YouTube users upload about 720,000 new content per day, which is equivalent to 30,000 videos per hour and one billion hours of viewing per day, which is about 41.6 million hours per hour.

A news survey shows that 84% of 14-17 year olds use social media and almost half of 10-13 year olds use social media, with young people spending up to seven hours a day on it.

Pdf) Positive And Negative Aspects Of Social Media Impacting The Current Society

That is, hundreds of thousands of young people today cannot imagine their lives without daily visits to social networks, get information from news sources and websites, and communicate through comments in live magazines.

Even illiterate people view content on social media platforms. They check the status of relevant content and respond with emojis.

With the advent of smartphones and freely available internet, especially data packages from mobile companies, social media has set the standard for education. As such, it has become a tool of the trade for institutions, teachers and students.

Social Media Negative And Positive Effects

Everything in the world has an element of good and evil. Now it’s up to us to decide which look to take.

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If something is being used for right and lawful things that benefit the world of humanity, obviously its rewards and blessings will be very useful.

The same applies to the use of social networks. Although I have already written a lot on social media.

This article covers all the positive and negative effects of social media for education in relation to education, especially the education system, teachers and students.

The influence of social networks on education in universities, schools and other educational institutions is relatively favorable.

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While they use social networks, mainly Facebook and WhatsApp, for public and personal interests. Virtually all universities communicate with their stakeholders in a way that will be effective for everyone. Hence the interest in social networks.

Today, each university has its pages in all the main social networks, where students can learn about various news not only in educational activities, but also in sports, cultural, creative, social and scientific activities.

Also, each university has a social media team to develop strong strategies to promote the institute on the right platform. They publicize their performance by sharing videos and photos on social networks.

Social Media Negative And Positive Effects

According to a quantitative study conducted among university professors, professors shared assignments and tests in private groups such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

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An education survey claims that about 80% of teachers prefer to share assignments, lessons, class schedules, class locations and other learning-related information on social media.

The time has come; Our teachers and educational institutions must understand the fact that social media platforms can and are becoming learning tools.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks and applications may be used for educational purposes; however, teachers must be proficient in their use.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for capacity building to understand how these sites can be used for teaching and learning and which social media platforms can be useful for educational purposes?

Positive & Negative Effects Of Media On Teens

Like teachers, social media also has a broader impact on students’ academic performance. Researchers have found that social media has a greater impact on student performance.

After physical classroom activities, social media is one of the most used platforms for discussion, communication and collaboration among students. They use social media for assignments, assignments, class schedules, and class practices.

Also, look for solutions related to your subject and class. In addition to their own educational groups, they join other accessible groups and sites to solve learning-related problems.

Social Media Negative And Positive Effects

It also provides a virtual campus environment where students share discussions and comments according to their class group. By properly using social media platforms, students can learn new skills, improve the quality of education, learn about innovative technologies, and enhance their creativity.

Positive & Negative Effects Of Social Media On Relationships

According to the research, YouTube is the most used and trusted tool for conferences. Facebook is an effective platform for virtual classrooms and document sharing. WhatsApp is a real instant communication platform.

Despite the benefits, social media platforms have seriously affected student performance. Researchers have shown that students who spend more time on social media have incredibly low grades on final exams.

They show more interest in social networks and less in educational activities. Meanwhile, using social media, students become rude due to informal communication through social media.

Apart from academic success, due to immaturity, students enter into private relationships and immoral activities. This activity drags them into the worst category of society.

Social Media’s Effects On Relationships

In conclusion, we can say that social networks have become a fundamental factor in our lives. It has revolutionized and changed the traditional way of communicating and sharing information.

It has become necessary to make available to social networks all the vital factors and social sectors of the world. Moreover, it has both positive and negative effects on society and has become an integral part of our lives with advantages and disadvantages.

As in other fields, it is observed very high in the field of education. Educational institutions use it to attract public attention by sharing their results and achievements.

Social Media Negative And Positive Effects

Heads of institutions prefer to communicate with teachers and staff through social media. In the same way, teachers discuss and collaborate with their students and colleagues.

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The use of social networks is not limited to communication with teachers and peers, but also to receive creative ideas from other groups.

As a negative consequence, social networks have increased competition between institutions, forcing them to use more media for advertising.

This may be due to increased tuition and student-related costs. Teachers receive unusual and promotional messages from institutions, especially pressure to perform.

Last but not least, college students are suffering from a social media drug overdose. They spend a lot of time browsing, surfing and communicating on social media, which generally results in very low academic performance.

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The physical and mental health of the students has deteriorated greatly. In addition, online harassment, data leakage and fraud pose a significant risk to students.

Students abuse the tools of the trade. Recent studies have shown that the academic performance of students is very low due to excessive time spent on social media through chats and attracting new friends and entertainment. This may be due to a severe lack of intelligence and creative future minds.

They must understand how to interpret information, distinguish between sources of information and explain the advantages and disadvantages of using social media in specific situations.

Social Media Negative And Positive Effects

To do this, they must first understand their own goals for using the network and then move forward.

Teens And Social Media: Is It Bad For Our Wellbeing?

To teach students how to use social media appropriately, educational institutions can create places to guide students before remedial measures are applied.

Students and parents should be familiar with the benefits of social networks under the guidance of pedagogical processes created by teachers.

The institution must make adjustments in its teaching and learning methodologies that enable students to develop skills with new technologies as they enter the game.

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Social Media Negative And Positive Effects

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Social Media: Advantages And Disadvantages


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