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Discussing the role of entrepreneurship in economic development, this article recognizes that entrepreneurship plays a fundamental role in the development of a country. Their skills, talents and labor are key in providing goods and services to the needs of society. By creating new businesses, entrepreneurship not only provides jobs, but also increases competition and can increase productivity through technological change. Consequently, a high level of measurable entrepreneurship implies a high level of economic development in a country. The contribution of entrepreneurs to the economy is invaluable, as their products are generally essential for the development of society, and society cannot survive without them. Therefore, entrepreneurship is very important for the economic development of the country.

Role Of Entrepreneur In Economic Growth

Role Of Entrepreneur In Economic Growth

Investors should invest in what is necessary for the economy. Economic development is highly dependent on their contribution. All entrepreneurs invest in products and services that society needs. Their investment gives people a better life. More goods and services will be available to them. According to the traditional model, entrepreneurs create new businesses in response to unmet market needs and demands. This means that it is possible to provide products or services that do not currently exist or are not available. Economists call these business startups “opportunity” entrepreneurs to distinguish them from those who start businesses because of lack of better job opportunities. So-called “opportunity” entrepreneurs, who start new businesses in response to market demand, play an important role in driving the region’s economic growth. Provide employment opportunities.

The Impact Of Entrepreneurship On Society

An entrepreneur creates jobs in the economic development of the country by establishing various companies and facilities. People need jobs. This is an important contribution that an employer can make to provide employees with an income that can meet their needs. If employment opportunities are insufficient, then unemployment is an important factor that influences and affects the economic development of a country. Not found, the higher the figure. Unemployment slows down the economic growth of a country, and the opposite is true. Employment is an important driver as it affects the spending habits of individuals, industries and the economy in general. So if the unemployment rate is high, it basically means that as the high income earners do not have disposable income, the industry will not be able to operate at full capacity because there are very few people working for them. products will be consumed and thus the inflow of money will decrease. less. And the economy will suffer because the general economic growth rate will remain low. Regional trade and economic integration:

Technology has enabled small businesses to expand into regional and global markets. When new companies export goods and services to nearby regions, these businesses directly contribute to the production and income of those regions. This increase in income strengthens the economy and improves the general welfare of the society. Economies that trade with each other almost always do better. Politics aside, participation in regional and international trade encourages investment in regional transportation and infrastructure, which also strengthens the economy.

International trade is a major part of the country’s gross domestic product. It is also an important source of income from the point of view of economic development of a region. Merchants promote international trade by selling their products abroad. Every entrepreneur wants a wide market. The more customers buy your product, the higher your profit. Diversity of products and services

Businesses can provide different goods and services to consumers. The latter has many options. After all, consumers want a good deal, and if you have more choices, you can get those products or services at a better price. Personal wishes are also fulfilled if you can choose products and services. A person may like a certain type of tie and find it at a local market. Thus, his desire to buy a tie of his choice was fulfilled. New technology increases efficiency.

Social Entrepreneur: Definition And Examples

The ability to transform your ideas into new products and services that society needs is a source of prosperity for any developed country. Economic development is usually driven by new technologies and their creative application. Periods of rapid innovation have historically been accompanied by periods of strong economic growth. The drive for innovation is nature’s greatest resource: the human mind. Creating innovative products and solutions requires an educated population and an environment where collaborative work can take place. In addition to being good for business, education enhances creativity and the quality of life of the workforce. Do entrepreneurs see the country’s economic growth as a catalyst for change?

Yes, because entrepreneurs create opportunities, are good at planning and managing strategies to make decisions, and always strive for excellence in business. Which should have good skills and insight to develop business strategy. The rapid development of marketing continues to change our lives. Therefore, entrepreneurs play an important role in the market as they are seen as agents of change. These changes are economically based, have wide-ranging effects and affect other aspects of society such as social, cultural and political. Therefore, entrepreneurs are willing to accept responsibility and business risks for the creation and growth of their business in order to explore more opportunities. Goods and services meet customer needs and preferences.

Entrepreneurs can be considered startups, and they also act as managers. Where entrepreneurs focus on the four factors of production (enterprise, land, labor and capital) and increase economic growth. They actively build their businesses and develop individually and come up with new ideas for economic growth and prosperity. Also, entrepreneurs are good at planning and managing strategic decisions and always strive for excellence in business. In this way, failure that threatens the knowledge of entrepreneurs, low business continuity and the development of the social entrepreneurship sector can be avoided.

Role Of Entrepreneur In Economic Growth

The goal of innovation is to replace old products with new, better products. These innovations are important because they maintain market power and competitiveness. Most changes in the market are innovations, but these innovations are essentially substitutes. If they sell a better product to existing customers, they will stop buying the old product. For example, when Samsung upgrades its flagship smartphone models, sales of older models drop sharply, and when Toyota persuades consumers to buy a Toyota Prius, they won’t buy a Camry, so Investments in innovation rarely generate additional net growth. It leads to the creation of new jobs to support company growth and sales and rarely to support overall economic growth.

Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth And Human Development Go Hand In Hand

Entrepreneurship is seen as an engine of economic growth and a catalyst for the expansion and promotion of productive activities worldwide in all spheres of economic life. Businessmen are the builders of the nation. So, I encourage entrepreneurs to be more creative and follow trends. Countries must learn to value their entrepreneurs as true partners in development. We should recognize and celebrate their contribution. An economy depends on the performance of its entrepreneurs. It plays a very important role in increasing the national income and increasing the per capita income of the people.

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Japan, Germany, USA and China are among the economically developed countries.

Role Of Entrepreneur In Economic Growth


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