Read The Book Of Psalms – This month we will be reading the Psalms through the Emmaus Bible Reading Plan. I say “book” because the Psalms are not just a collection of random songs. This book is a tightly structured story of the salvation of David, his eldest son, and the king who ruled Zion.

In fact, the Psalms are comprised of five books (Psalms 1-41, Psalms 42-72, Psalms 73-89, Psalms 90-106, and Psalms 107-50), evidence that the order of the Psalms was carefully considered. There are a lot. outside. If you’ve spent any time on this blog, you know how much time I’ve spent discussing this and showing how the Psalms are structured.

Read The Book Of Psalms

Read The Book Of Psalms

In this post, we begin our study of the Psalms this month and would like to offer seven reading strategies for reading, understanding, and praying the Psalms. These methods are provided as guidelines and are not complete. There is no right way to read the Psalms, but knowing that they have a unified message can help you as you read the Psalms this month. If you have other ways to read the Psalms, please add them in the comments. Here are my seven suggestions.

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Starting with Psalm 1 and reading through to the end of the Psalm follows the order of the inspired book. This is how you should read this book. With a quick read, you will find new Davidic psalms in the Psalms of David (mainly contained in Volumes 1-2).

There are many resources available to help you understand the Psalms as a whole, but even if you do not use these resources as you read the Psalms, you will be exposed to all of God’s principles and all of human emotions. Psalms are God-inspired hymns that teach us who God is and how we can respond to Him in repentance and faith.

In fact, the easiest way to read the Psalms is to read one, two, or ten psalms at a time. We can meditate on the Psalms by reading them repeatedly, or we can read them in story form. As you can see below, these two options help you understand the depth and width of your specimen, respectively. Whatever you choose, just start reading.

Like the other books of the Bible, the Psalms are a literary entity. Sometimes the only way to learn more is to read a book in one sitting. It takes approximately 5 hours to complete. But is there a better way to spend that time in God’s Word? You can do this on a Sunday afternoon or any other day when the pace of life is slowing down due to a global pandemic.

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But if marathon reading isn’t for you, you can divide the Psalms into five parts. In other words, you can read all 30 Psalms at once, or you can read them from the five books designated by the original author. Most Bibles are divided into Book 1 with Psalms 1-41, Book 2 with Psalms 42-72, Book 3 with Psalms 73-89, Book 4 with Psalms 90-106, and Book 5 with Psalms 107-150.

Each book has a unique place and unique emphasis in the Psalms. According to David’s chronology we can outline the five books.

Whether you are reading the Psalms for the first time or your fifth, you need to know where you are and where you are going. To help our churches engage with the Psalms, we developed five infographics visualizing the five books of the Psalms.

Read The Book Of Psalms

This infographic will help you choose a portion of the Psalms to read each day. For example, today and yesterday I read Psalms 3-14 and kept the detailed structure of these psalms in mind. We can do this for any part of a psalm, as we discover poetic structures within a single psalm as well as literary connections between adjacent psalms.

Praying The Psalms

More resources on the format of the Psalms can be found here: Authentic Readings of the Psalms.

Once you get the idea of ​​reading the Psalms granularly, you can find groups of Psalms to read together. For example, there are many groups in the Psalms:

The benefit of reading the Psalms in small groups is that we can learn the message, theology, and emphasis of the Psalms. This is especially true when groups of psalms are read in psalm order.

Another way to read a group of psalms is to read a particular type of psalm together. For example, you can read the Messianic Psalms (Psalms 2, 22, 45, 72, 89, 110, etc.) or the profane Psalms (Psalms 5, 6, 11, 12, 35, 37, 40, 52, etc.). ) 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 69, 79, 83, 94, 109, 137, 139, and 143) into two related groups. This approach can be helpful not only in that it provides context for the type of poetry you are reading, but it can also be beneficial in that it takes the poem out of its literary context.

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Going back to Hermann Gunkel, advanced critical scholars have divided the Psalms into various “forms” (e.g. lament, praise, wisdom, etc.). This form of critical study is known to be very concerned with the literary merits of a particular poem. Similar psalms are then grouped together. The advantage of this approach is that it provides a context for understanding lament, praise, hymn, etc. The downside is that it obscures the form of the poem.

In recent years, scholars have been reexamining how the Psalms relate to one another. This is the approach I propose here. There is room for understanding different forms, but we cannot allow the extratextual grid of the psalm’s genre to obliterate the overall order and message of the psalm.

Don’t forget the literary form of the Psalms, and you may find that a better approach is to read a few Psalms each day. This month, I am reading the Psalms like this with a bit of flexibility.

Read The Book Of Psalms

If you read five Psalms every day, you can finish one Psalm in one month. May has 31 days, so you can make it a day to read Psalms 119 and 176. Together you read the entire book in one month.

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If you miss a day, you can make up for it with a few psalms, or you can skip a psalm and come back to it later (this month or next). Like Proverbs, Psalms is a book we should read and pray about regularly, not just in our annual reading plans. Even when I read other books, I always find the Psalms to pray and meditate on. Proverbs is a book we should read every month. Because the 31 chapters of Proverbs provide us with the wisdom we need to make everyday decisions.

Therefore, more than any other book in the Bible, the Psalms are a book worthy of our daily prayer, recitation, and meditation. If you’re already in the habit of reading the Psalms, what’s different this month is understanding the big picture of the Psalms. Alternatively, those who are reading the Psalms for the first time can use this month to familiarize themselves with the entire text and next month meditate on that month’s Psalm or meditate on one Psalm each week.

Overall, reading five Psalms a day is a very realistic way to read a book this month.

Another popular way to read the Psalms during the month is to read a “Daily Psalm” and the Four Psalms. What I mean is this. On May 1, you can read the Psalm of the Day (Psalm 1) and Psalms 31, 61, 91, and 121. May 2nd is Psalms 2, 32, 62, 92, and 122. 3 runs until the end of May. Month This method involves reading all 30 books of Psalm 5 in one month.

Why I Read Psalms And Proverbs Every Day • New Covenant Life

The advantage of this approach is that in addition to providing a clear path through the book, it also provides extensive praise, prayers, laments, thanksgivings, and Christian wishes. Although it does not provide the literary form of the Psalms, it does provide five Psalms to think about and pray to God.

While other prophets and apostles spoke God’s word to people, this psalm speaks to God. Therefore, it is a great source of prayer.

In fact, the first book you should read when you have a hard time praying is the Psalms. Instead of trying to read this book, you can pray to God. The psalms written on that day are especially suitable for prayer. Not only does it give us a respectful language to approach God, but it also gives us joy, sorrow, repentance, and gratitude. It expands your heart by introducing you to praise and supplication without you even knowing that you need the Holy Spirit. given

Read The Book Of Psalms

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