Outline Of The United States Constitution – United States Constitution Curriculum Worksheet! The Bill of Rights and the US Constitution Lesson Development Course for History Teachers

At the Constitutional Convention, the framers of the Constitution sought to replace the Articles of Confederation to create a perfect union. our grandfather

Outline Of The United States Constitution

Outline Of The United States Constitution

(For example, the grade you give will determine how deep you go in each of the following.

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The Constitution of the United States of America is the main document of the federal government of the United States of America and the supreme law of the land. In addition, it protects the fundamental rights of citizens and provides the basis for universal suffrage so that public officials can be elected fairly and equitably.

The ideas behind the US Constitution came from the Age of Reason (Enlightenment) and its descendants, including the Magna Carta, the Mayflower Convention, the English Bill of Rights, the Connecticut Statute, and others.

The main provisions of the US Constitution focus on key ideas such as absolute government, the establishment of limited government, the three branches of government (a system of checks and balances), patriotism, and the representation and protection of the rights of American citizens. for life, striving for freedom and happiness.

In 1787, the Constitution was adopted. A group of people called the Framers came together to create the Constitution. He believed that laws were necessary for the survival of the country.

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The main body of the constitution consists of seven articles. These documents show the basic nature of the federal government. Chart Analysis What is the purpose of the first three articles?

4 Article I Congress meets in the Capitol, and as the nation and Congress have grown, many additions have been made. Analyze the plans. Why are there two rooms in one house?

Outline Of The United States Constitution

5 Article II Mount Rushmore in South Dakota Four American presidents—George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln—represent the first 130 years of American history.

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6 Article III Until the late 1700s, American laws were interpreted by the federal courts. At the 1735 trial, Andrew Hamilton’s successful defense of John Peter Zenger exemplified freedom of the press.

7 Basic Principles The principle of sovereignty is enshrined in the Constitution. Analyze political cartoons. According to the cartoon, what do citizens do in the government?

8 Advanced systems The legislative, executive and judicial powers are linked by a system of checks and balances. Analyze political cartoons. What is the way to check the powers of the President of the Congress?

9 more important principles A system of checks and balances allows each branch of government to limit the actions of others. Design analysis. How is the executive branch controlled by the other two branches?

Aj 151: Chp.1 Outline Notes/constitutional Law In The Criminal Justice System

10 Key Principles A coalition or divided government has a significant impact on the number of bills passed. ANALYSIS OF THE GRAPH What can be concluded about the political advertising in this situation?

Why was the preamble included in the Act? A. Explain the purpose of the Constitution B. Explain how government officials are chosen C. Break the Constitution into seven articles D. Explain that the government is divided into three branches

12 Quiz: Section I Which of the following factors influenced the choice of bicameralism as a legislative system? A. The Framers knew that large states and small states could not agree on the size of Congress. B. The Framers did not recognize a separate form of government. C. The Framers listened to the citizens who voted for this constitutional government. D. The framers and members of Congress debated this form of government more than other laws.

Outline Of The United States Constitution

13 Test: Section II What aspect of the Articles of Confederation sparked the debate over presidential power? A. This has often been misinterpreted. B. It is clearly worded and leaves much room for interpretation. C. It was written long ago in the history of our people, and many consider it ancient. D. Not all citizens had a voice in its creation.

The Origins Of The U.s. Constitution

14 Test: Section III How do constitutional and private courts function differently? A. Constitutional courts focus on issues that private courts cannot resolve on their own. B. Special courts focus on issues that courts cannot resolve on their own. C. Constitutional courts focus on general issues; Specialized courts focus on narrow issues. D. Constitutional courts make decisions on behalf of the state; Special courts decide national cases.

Which of the following fulfilled the Framers’ desire to create a strong government that was not too powerful? A. Informing citizens B. Delegation of powers to the president C. Informing citizens about their rights D. Separation of government powers

If Congress passes a law but the president quickly vetoes it, who has the power to override the president’s authority? A. None B. The Supreme Court C. The people of the United States by popular vote D. The Senate and the House of Representatives

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