Non Profit Organizations That Help Immigrants – Run by trained psychiatrists or registered clinics, these 6-week health support groups are designed to help undocumented people feel less alone and understood. Weekly virtual sessions are closed; this means 10-12 participants must sign up in advance to create a confidential space where they can feel grounded, find community, and share their unique experiences, challenges, and successes. Note: Although participation can be therapeutic, groups are not a form of therapy. Click here to register and join the support team.

Navigating life without documents means facing uncertainty every day. There are many forces beyond our control that shape our lives and affect our ability to plan for the future. In this group, we will discuss the various ways that uncertainty affects how we express ourselves in relationships, the personal and professional choices we make, and our overall mental and emotional well-being. We create a space for connection, support and learning during the group process, while the facilitator introduces and guides participants through different coping strategies and relaxation techniques.

Non Profit Organizations That Help Immigrants

Non Profit Organizations That Help Immigrants

Lina Hannigan, Ph.D. (he) is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. She received her doctorate in health psychology from Alliant International University. He received extensive training in primary care medicine and chronic pain management at UCSF/SFGH and Kaiser Permanente, integrating the physical and mental domains to optimize health. As a Japanese American whose parents were immigrants, Lina grew up navigating between cultures. After graduating from the University of Washington, she lived in a small town in Hokkaido, Japan for two years before entering graduate school with a commitment to serving the immigrant and AAPI communities. She works to combat prejudice and understand cultural influences within and between people. She is proud to be a volunteer therapist and group facilitator at Immigrants Rising.

Interfaith Refugee And Immigration Service

Jose Perez, LMFT, (he) is a DACA-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jose has the privilege of managing the mental health unit at Samaritan House in San Mateo, where he helps expand access to mental health care for uninsured immigrants. In addition, José has a private practice specializing in immigrant mental health and the treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, and acculturation issues. Jose is committed to providing a collaborative approach to care using strengths-based approaches to help clients achieve self-actualization, resilience and healing. In his spare time, Jose is pursuing his PhD in Clinical Psychology and enjoys hiking, trying new foods and restaurants.

There are 1.7 million undocumented Asian and Pacific Islander (API) immigrants in the US, the vast majority of whom live in California. However, the phrase “undocumented immigrant” often conjures up images and services that target the Latino community. As a result, the diverse needs and specifics of the API community are often ignored. This group is a place where API employees come together to listen and be heard, sharing stories that represent everyone’s unique experiences and cultures. Through thoughtful questions and suggestions, we foster a community that comes from recognizing shared values, empathizing with familiar pressures, and finding comfort in our shared humanity.

Huen “Kiki” Vo, LCSW, (he) is a DACA-educated Vietnamese immigrant, licensed psychotherapist, and Stanford Medicine, Child Health. He is privileged to serve children, youth, individuals and families from diverse backgrounds (eg, low income, AAPI, mixed status, undocumented, BIPOC, LGBTQ, etc.) in the San Francisco Bay Area. She values ​​a holistic and collaborative approach to care, using cultural humility and trauma-informed strength to promote clients’ self-determination, potential and resilience. She respects each client’s unique history, cultural background, personality and life experience and meets them on their journey of self-discovery/healing.

Apa support is special and caring. This group is open to all queer women looking for a space to connect and connect during times of uncertainty. Exploring intersectionality can lead us to learn new coping skills and strategies from each other as we explore the impact of our diverse identities. The topics we will explore in this group will be determined in the first session, as you will know where your support is most needed. We come as we are, share what we know, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Nyc Care: How Healthcare Nonprofits Can Help Undocumented Immigrants

Akiya Robinson Selva, LMFT, is a licensed family therapist and founder/president of Sunrise Therapy Center (SCT), Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, Inc. Akiya has over 21 years of experience in the health sector and private practice as a domestic violence advocate, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, anti-trafficking advocate and clinical program manager. Akiya is highly skilled in working with families, individuals, children, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), victims of domestic violence/trafficking and foster care/adoption. Akiya approaches healing with a cultural humility that promotes acceptance, empowerment, and creativity. Akiya has developed specializations in biblical counseling, trauma-informed therapy, somatic experiential therapy, family therapy, and play therapy.

Being LGBTQ in a heteronormative society is not easy, and it can be even more difficult if you come from a culture that does not accept your identity. Add to that the pressure of being undocumented and you have an intersectional identity to suffer from! This group is open to all people who identify as LGBTQ and are looking for a safe place. For six weeks, we’ll be sharing stories of change and affirmation, discussing pressing issues facing our community, and building community in a safe, non-judgmental environment. The topics covered over the course of six weeks are decided by the participants, so anyone who is LGBTQ can join and speak as you.

Mayra Jimenez, LMFT, (she) is an undocumented former marriage and family therapist living in Southern California. She has worked in the non-profit mental health sector for over 10 years in a variety of roles ranging from administrative coordination to clinical work and supervision. She uses her own life experiences to show how she engages clients in therapy. Myra’s commitment to providing equitable, affordable and accessible mental health services led her to found Contigo Counseling Inc., a company focused on serving the undocumented community.

Non Profit Organizations That Help Immigrants

This group focuses on supporting people who were previously undocumented. When your immigration status changes, many other aspects of your life will change. Rebuilding your peer group, finding support, and adjusting to your new status can be difficult, but you are not alone. Join us!

Advocates For Immigrant Rights

Muriel Casamayor, LMFT, (she) is a Latino therapist in California. She specializes in serving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) living with depression, anxiety and trauma. Muriel understands the path of immigration to another country and rewrites her own history. It has offices in Riverside and Tustin, but offers telemedicine services throughout California.

Viviru allows us to define the importance of instatus indocumentado and how it affects many aspects of everyday life. In this group, we will discuss together the different ways uncertainty affects life, relationships, and of course, each participant. As a group, we also have the opportunity to reflect on our past experiences with uncertainty and how it affects our experiences in the present. We have the opportunity to communicate, support and learn from each other during the group process. The facilitator introduces and guides participants to coping strategies and relaxation techniques that can be used at any time.

Mayra Jimenez, LMFT, marriage and family therapist, formerly undocumented, viviendo en el sur de, CA. She has worked in the mental health sector for over 10 years in a variety of roles ranging from administrative coordination to clinical work and supervision. Ella uses vivid experiences to show how to engage clients in therapy. The benefits listed above are using a direct but gentle approach to help clients through this struggle. Mayra el desafío de poder grants provide mental health services to communities that typically do not have access to or are not always open to mental health treatment.

Living with an undocumented status means dealing with uncertainty every day and seeing how it affects many aspects of life. In this group, we will discuss together the different ways uncertainty affects each participant’s life, relationships, and well-being. As a group we will have an opportunity to reflect on past and present experiences with uncertainty. We create space for communication, support and learning from each other during the group process. The facilitator introduces and guides participants to coping strategies and relaxation techniques that can be used at any time.

Nonprofits Help Fund Immigrants’ Legal Fights On Deportation

Stephanie Del Chiaro (she) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco. It helps people find meaning, give language to experiences, gain deeper self-understanding, and find peace in their lives and relationships. Stephanie offers lens treatments

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