Non Profit Organizations That Help Disabled People – When you donate to Save the Children, 85% of every dollar goes directly to our mission to provide lifesaving services to children.

With your support, the US can continue our work to keep children around the world healthy, educated and safe.

Non Profit Organizations That Help Disabled People

Non Profit Organizations That Help Disabled People

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Matthew 25: Prayer For Children With Disabilities

The humanitarian pause provides a belated release to civilians from violence and fear. But it should be more than four hours.

Save the Children Advocacy Organization – Join the Save the Children Action Network and advocate for separated refugees.

World Kindness Day is celebrated around the world on November 13. Kindness is a fundamental part of the human condition that bridges differences of race, religion, politics, gender, and place.

IKEA and Save the Children have been working together to build a better future for children since 1994. Now through December 31, for every $1 donated at checkout at participating stores, IKEA will donate $1 to $50,000* to support Save the Children’s social and emotional learning programs to help children in the U.S. recover from disasters and build resilience. .

Doubling Down On Accessibility: Microsoft’s Next Steps To Expand Accessibility In Technology, The Workforce And Workplace

Thanks for entering! Now you’ll be the first to hear how Save the Children is responding to children’s most urgent needs every day and in times of crisis – and how your support can make a difference. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email.

By providing my mobile phone number, I agree to receive repeated text messages from Save the Children (48188) and phone calls with donation opportunities and ways to participate in our mission to support children around the world. By sending a STOP message, you are logging out, help information. Message and data charges may apply. View our privacy policy here At PhotoShelter, we’re privileged to work with over 2,000 amazing brands that lead by example in creating and publishing authentic and innovative visuals.

We’re grateful to work with and learn from innovative creative teams across industries, but in the spirit of giving, we’d like to take a moment to give special recognition to the nonprofit marketing and development teams who support the support of selfless nonprofits.

Non Profit Organizations That Help Disabled People

They say the forces that motivate their generous donors to donate year-round — but during the holidays, their focus and efforts are heightened. These creatives know how to make an impact even with small teams and tight budgets. Their work takes us forward and makes the world a better place.

The Valuable 500

Read on to learn how 20 amazing nonprofits and unsung heroes are driving their visual storytelling strategies to create compelling content and gain support for their causes.

Special Olympics Director of Content and Storytelling Sydney White and her team of creative collaborators are experts at capturing defining moments. Whether it’s a moment of quiet connection or a thunderous victory, they beautifully and honestly portray the resilience of athletes with intellectual disabilities.

Using Photoshelter allows them to easily collaborate internationally across time zones and language barriers – so they can document, share and advocate for the #InclusionRevolution!

If you haven’t seen their life-changing work, you can in the new documentary As Far As They Run November 29 on Paramount+.

Charity Organization For Children

As a gift to its supporters for the 2022 holiday season, the Special Olympics is offering a unique, beautiful piece of jewelry to anyone who donates $65 or more. 🎁

Thank you for inspiring us with your unique, compelling and inclusive story about Special Olympics athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The Bowery Mission has been fighting homelessness, hunger and poverty in New York City since the 1870s, so it’s only natural that their 150-year-old media archive is at the heart of their extraordinary storytelling efforts.

Non Profit Organizations That Help Disabled People

During our November 2022 Inside Look webinar, we spoke with Brian Orion, Bowery Mission’s director of marketing and brand communications, about the ever-evolving yet timeless visual storytelling strategy—one that’s driven and talked about from the mission to serve.

With Help From Non Profit, 20 Disabled Residents Receive Free Laptop Computers — The Downey Patriot

To show their appreciation every day, they consistently feature their volunteers in social media content on Twitter and Instagram – putting a face to the everyday people who serve. and the local community in need.

Watch the celebratory Instagram video narrated by Gayle King below to learn more about the faith-based organization’s past, humble existence and hopeful future.

Thank you Bowery Mission for bringing hope to New Yorkers in need for over 150 years. With the help of New York neighbors like us, we can’t wait to see what you do in the next century! However you can, support the Bowery Mission. 💌

Whether responding to a humanitarian crisis or a natural disaster, the Water Mission team changes lives every day by providing safe and easy access to water.

Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled

Everyone needs clean water to survive, but this organization knows how to use the power of storytelling to inspire donors to see how others live without this basic need.

Each scene shows the impact a donor can make and all their messages fill a tone of gratitude. Water Mission’s Instagram feed is also full of joy and authenticity.

We are grateful to the Water Mission teams for raising awareness of the critical need for safe water globally and providing much-needed relief to people around the world! 🤲

Non Profit Organizations That Help Disabled People

Between raising rescued sea turtles, two-toed sloths, and macaroni puffers, the people who work at the National Aquarium have plenty of opportunities to turn moments with almost any animal species into engaging content.

Together, We Make Things Happen

Most of the content they share is entertaining and undoubtedly pretty educational, but sometimes they need to seriously shine a light on what people can do to reduce the damage to water resources. With the lives of these special creatures in mind, the National Aquarium team supports the restoration, conservation and protection of these beautiful aquatic animals and their habitats.

Thank you for leading the National Aquarium’s conservation efforts, educating your audience, and providing a window into our underwater world!

The Food for the Hungry team does an incredible job using images to demonstrate the impact of donors and provide critical support to communities in need.

Whether they’re raising funds to help countries in crisis or educating global citizens on how to make a difference in remote parts of the world, Food for the Hungry content literally

Rental Assistance For Disabled Individuals On Social Security In Dallas, Tx

What difference can one person or even one church make in the fight against extreme poverty and malnutrition? Natalia explains how her sponsorship changed everything for her, her family and her entire community: — Food for the Hungry (@food4thehungry) November 18, 2022

We appreciate Food the Hungry working to end poverty and sharing your organization’s story with us every step of the way!

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a UK non-profit organization that organizes cruises to help young people regain their confidence and independence after cancer.

Non Profit Organizations That Help Disabled People

Because childhood cancer can sometimes be an invisible battle for child patients and their caregivers, engaging supporters and potential donors through first-hand documentary-style content is the Fund’s primary visual storytelling strategy on social media.

Financial Assistance For Adults & Children With Disabilities

Thank you Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust for helping young people affected by cancer in the UK find hope and wonder before, during and after recovery! 🎗️

If your Instagram feed is filled with home and travel content from brands like Lonely Planet and Apartment Therapy, you’ll want to make sure you’re following the Landmark Trust.

The organization saves historic buildings and gives them new life for the holidays and is giving away £5,000 to holiday accommodation across the UK this season!

Satisfy your cravings by following their social media channels to learn how they restore, preserve and revitalize historic properties.

Erin Michelle Kay On Linkedin: #disabledandproud #prettydisabledpowerful…

We are honored to support the work of the Landmark Trust by making its media library available to people around the world!

If you want to see purpose marketing in action, look no further than New York Cares. The New York-based volunteer network likes to publicly celebrate efforts big and small to help the community.

They put their volunteers in the spotlight and gave supporters a behind-the-scenes look at their community service. This type of content helps recruit new volunteers – it shows interest in volunteering as well as experience. They also document the power of vulnerability—sharing intimate insights from serving community members.

Non Profit Organizations That Help Disabled People

Emphasizing empathic, reciprocal relationships between volunteers and the communities they support normalizes helping others as a practice of community care.

Interview With Arman Ali, Executive Director, Ncpedp: “through Collective Strength, We Aim To Exert Significant Influence On Policies At Every Level”

If you live in the Greater New York area, click here to volunteer at New York Cares.

An attitude of gratitude is the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you give. (Actually, a chemical called “oxytocin” releases that good feeling, but I digress.)

You know that feeling of gratitude that lights you up like spice on apple cider after the holidays? 🥰 Yes, that’s it.

If you suffer from mental health issues or symptoms, it can be difficult to reach out

Idlib’s Disabled People Invisible To Charity Organizations

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