Marketing Logistics And Supply Chain Management Ppt – This slide covers supply chain management systems that support information management systems including order management. Material Requirement Planning Demand Planning etc. is an information system and guideline for STP supply chain management in PDF template. Simulate retail PPT display at different levels. Target and spread information on five levels with advertising packages that come with customized features. There are large content boxes to add your information on topics such as suppliers, factories, warehouses, logistics, retailers, etc. You can also visualize facts, figures and other relevant content. Get it now with this PPT layout. Retail Marketing Ppt Show Mockup PDF has raised more enthusiasm with our information system and STP supply chain management approach and is getting loud applause.

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Marketing Logistics And Supply Chain Management Ppt

Marketing Logistics And Supply Chain Management Ppt

Information Systems and Supply Chain Management STP Guidelines in Retail Ppt Mockup PDF with 5 Slides:

Supply Chain Management Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Thank you for downloading our product for free. Users can download a maximum of 2 free products. Upgrade your subscription for a fee to download additional products. Thank you Download our Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management PowerPoint presentations with content. Demonstrate the complete process of moving goods from the manufacturer to the customer. Use this SCM PPT presentation to reference product, data, and financial flows. Regarding the presentation of our logistics process flows Strategic procurement processes will be covered. Inventory management Logistics and information technology, SCM models, project communication Supplier market evaluation Planning and forecasting SCM decision making process, performance measurement and many other topics. Other related topics covered by these templates include Traffic Management Services. Logistics, Purchasing, Distribution Network Management Warehouse Management Material Circulation Supply Chain Process and Operations Management The strategies discussed in this inventory management PowerPoint presentation will help you optimize your business as well as save costs. It also helps to run all operations smoothly and achieve long-term profits, thus fully benefiting from the potential benefits of the logistics process. Download our presentations for supply chain management and logistics. Accelerate your growth with Supply Chain Management and Logistics PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Your growth will increase.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics PowerPoint Presentation Slides This presentation consists of 77 professionally prepared PowerPoint slides, all of which are 100% editable in PowerPoint Font size and font The text, color and background of the presentation slides can be changed. Use data-driven charts to display statistics. You can download PPT slides in widescreen (16:9) and standard display size (4:3). Slides are compatible with Google Slides and other online applications. completely Presentation templates can be saved in any format, such as JPG or PDF. You can customize your slideshow slides by adding your business name. Trademarks or logos are supported by premium products.

Slide 2: This set of slides presents the outline view – planning and forecasting. Inventory Management Inventory Management Model Performance Measurement General SCM Issues, Supply Chain Management Processes SCM Decision Process, Strategic Purchasing Process Logistics and Information Technology

Slide 3: This presentation introduces Introduction – Supply Chain Components, SCM Process Flow, SCM Implementation Steps, Benefits, Objectives, Introduction to SCM.

Management Ch 9 Powerpoint

Slide 4: Target, Finance, Data, Product This slide shows basic information about finance, data, product, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, buyers and retailers.

Slide 5: This presentation shows the basics – Tier 2 customers. first-tier customer Second-tier suppliers, first-tier suppliers, end customers, demand side, supply side, supply chain management. Purchasing and distribution physical management physical material management, logistics, information flow, physical flow

Slide 6: This slide represents the supply chain elements such as purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, retail, consumer, supply chain management.

Marketing Logistics And Supply Chain Management Ppt

Slide 7: This slide presents the components of the supply chain: Outbound Logistics. Inbound Logistics Inbound Logistics Bottle Plant Oil Drilling Plastic Manufacturers Label Printer Manufacturer Paper Manufacturer National Distribution Center Warehousing Center Supermarket Sales

Logistics Service Powerpoint Templates

Slide 8: This is a snapshot of the Organization Timeline: Suppliers, Resources, Incoming Storage/Delivery Dates, Activities, Outgoing Storage/Delivery Dates. Distribution of goods to consumers, consumers, material flow, information flow, money flow.

Slide 9: This presentation shows the benefits of SCM – improved customer relationships and service. Create a better delivery mechanism for essential products and services with less delay. Improve productivity and business operations Reduce storage and transportation costs Reduce costs, both direct and indirect, help get the right products. at the right time Successful implementation of the just-in-time warehouse model Improved inventory management Delivery to the right place

Slide 10: This presentation shows the steps of implementing SCM including project management and communication. Development of SCM vision, evaluation of supply chain opportunities Development of SCM strategy Development of optimal SCM organizational structure Creation of SCM communication and information exchange, implementation, concept phase, conversion phase. Steps to use

Slide 12: This is the slide The Supply Chain Management Process – sub-headings Plan, Sourcing, Executing, Delivering and Returns There are six important steps in the supply chain management process. Each of these steps will be discussed separately in the following slides.

Supply Chain Management Powerpoint Template Diagrams

Slide 13: This slide shows factory location, factory size, warehouse design plan. IT Solution Delivery Model Transport Cost Modeling SCM Process – SCM Process with Plan

Slide 14: This slide represents the SCM process – the plan at this stage of supply chain management. Focus on finding the most reliable suppliers of raw materials. to avoid damaging the production process An efficient supplier is one thing. However, there must be a robust system for the continuous development of suppliers that also increases their performance.

Slide 15: This is the SCM process – it works in a spreadsheet format. Here, a well-designed process is used to give tangible form to an existing project in the form of a finished product ready for testing, packaging and shipping.

Marketing Logistics And Supply Chain Management Ppt

Slide 16: This presentation presents the SCM process presented in a tabular format. Managers are responsible for delivering goods/services in the right quantity, to the right place and at the right time using appropriate couriers. Supply chain managers should be equipped with modern IT tools to monitor the following parameters.

What Is Supply Chain Management ?

Slide 17: This presentation presents the decision making process of SCM – Supply Chain Strategy. supply chain planning organizational strength This is a short slide. And there are instructions in the box to help you write the key points at each step.

Slide 18: This slide presents the strategic procurement process – understanding spend types. Supplier market assessment Supplier research Strategy formulation, RFx requirements, communication with new suppliers These are important steps in your strategic sourcing process. Each of these steps is described on a separate slide.

Slide 19 : This slide provides an understanding of cost categories – a record of past costs and costs broken down by block, materials and by-products. Costs by vendor, section, department, or user costs. Forecasting future needs or budgets

Slide 22: This slide presents the strategy definition. How is the market ready to face suppliers? To what extent will the company’s customers support the testing of its current supplier relationships? What are the other options for evaluating the competition?

Logistic And Supply Chain Management Ppt & Google Slides

Slide 24: This slide breaks down the order fulfillment process for supply chain management, customer, sales, credit and collections. Ship transportation

Slide 25: This presentation shows the steps in order fulfillment starting from customer, merchant, order management, returns, fulfillment. Fulfillment and shipping

Slide 27: This slide presents Information Technology in the Supply Chain: Analytics Applications – Strategy, Planning, Operations, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Customers, Suppliers, Applications, SCM, Transportation and Warehouse Operations Inventory Logistics WMS, MES, APS , Dem Plan, CRM/SFA These circles show the IT/ERP tools commonly used in each phase of supply chain management. You can customize it according to the tools used in your organization.

Marketing Logistics And Supply Chain Management Ppt

Slide 29: This presentation presents transportation challenges such as labor laws and economic uncertainty. Changes in the transport industry Improved technology, globalization, customer expectations. Fluctuating fuel prices

Process Flow Of Logistics And Supply Chain Management Pictures Pdf

Slide 31: This is the Supply Chain Management Budget Forecast slide. Enter projected quarterly sales and projected budget for key categories.

Slide 37: Introduction This slide presents inventory management showing the EOQ model, EOQ model cost chart, EOQ costs, key features of EOQ, basic assumptions of EOQ.

Slide 39: This presentation presents the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model – Order Point, R, Order Quantity, Order Q, Placed, Received, Time, Lead, Time, Lead, Time, Demand, Rate, Inventory Level ௿௿௿ ௿௿௿௿௿ ௿௿ அய௿ அைய௿ அயியை காட்ட்டுக்கை

ஸ்லைடு 40: இந்த ஸ்லைடு eoq மாடல் செலவ௮௕ுவவ௮௕ுவம௮௕ுவம ௮ ு காட்டுகிறது காட்டுகிறது சாய்வு, மொத்த, ்வு, ்ஆண்்ணு குறைந்தபட்சம், மொத்த, ஆர்டரஉ, q. த q*, q*, q*, q*, q*, HQ/ 2. This slide helps.

Global Supply Chain Management Infographic Template


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