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Oxfam is a UK-based consortium of 21 independent charities founded in 1942 and focused on ending global poverty under the leadership of Oxfam International.

List Of Organizations That Help The Poor

List Of Organizations That Help The Poor

Founded at 17 Broad Street, Oxford, in 1942 by Quakers, social activists and Oxford academics as the Oxford Famine Relief Committee and registered under British law in 1943, the original committee was a group of concerned citizens that included Hari Gillett. prominent local Quakers), Theodore Richard Milford, Gilbert Murray and his wife Mary, Cecil Jackson Cole and Alan Pym. The committee first met in 1942 in the old library of St Mary’s College Church, Oxford, with the aim of helping the starving citizens of the famine caused by the occupation of Greece. Confederate naval blockade. and persuading the British government to allow food aid through the blockade. The Oxford Committee was one of several local committees set up to assist the National Famine Relief Committee.

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Oxfam’s first paid employee was Joe Mitty, who started working at the Oxfam shop on Broad Street, Oxford, on 9 November 1949. the shop becomes a national network.

Fundraising innovations led by advertising consultant Harold Sumption, rigorous testing of advertising campaigns, direct mail, trade directories and the first multi-media fundraising campaign, The Hunger £ Million;

The first overseas committee was established in Canada in 1963, and in 1965 the organization changed its name to OXFAM. The Oxford Committee is known as Oxfam GB.

Oxfam International was founded in 1995 by a group of independent NGOs. Stichting Oxfam International was registered as a non-profit foundation in 1996 in The Hague, Netherlands.

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Oxfam has provided relief services in global crises such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the famine in North Korea, the 2011 East African drought, the 2012 Sahel drought, and the Nepal earthquake.

The NGO Bosfam was also founded in May 1995 by women involved in Oxfam GB’s psychosocial ‘Radiation’ project to support women displaced by the Bosnian war. Oxfam has become a globally recognized leader in providing clean water to impoverished and war-torn areas of the world. In 2012, Oxfam became one of the humanitarian groups involved in the UK’s Rapid Response Facility to ensure clean water after humanitarian disasters.

A January 2014 Oxfam report stated that the combined wealth of the world’s 85 richest people is equal to 50% of the world’s population of approximately 3.5 billion people.

List Of Organizations That Help The Poor

Notably, in January 2015, Oxfam reported that by 2016, the richest 1% will own more than half of the world’s wealth.

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A 2017 Oxfam report found that eight billionaires have as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity.

The trade fair, organized by Oxfam International, is based on the elimination of trade practices such as countervailing, which occurs when large subsidies are in place, and goods such as rice, cotton, corn and sugar from developed countries are sold at lower prices. and developed agricultural countries. Poor countries struggle to compete.

Another practice that Oxfam opposes is tariffs, where countries impose high taxes on imported goods, ban the sale of other countries’ products, and ban the sale of other countries’ products.

Hard problems (eg chemical prices, software prices) that prevent the price of medicines, software and textbooks from falling. Therefore, these essential commodities are often out of reach for developing countries.

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Oxfam has stores all over the world, and since opening the first charity shop in 1948, has sold many goods and donated goods.

Although the business dates back to 1947, proceeds from these sales go towards Oxfam’s mission and relief efforts around the world. Most of their stock comes from community donations, but as of 2012 they still sell fair trade products from developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America, including crafts, books, CDs and musical instruments, clothing, toys, food, and Includes ethnic crafts. . These goods are made available to the public through fair trade, improving the quality of life of producers and surrounding residents.

More than half are in the UK, where there are around 750 Oxfam GB shops, including specialist shops such as books, music, furniture and bridal clothing. Oxfam Germany has 45 stores, including a dedicated bookstore. Oxfam France stores sell books and fair trade products, and Oxfam Hong Kong has two stores that sell donated goods and fair trade products. Oxfam Novibe, Oxfam Australia (which has over 20 Fair Trade stores), Oxfam Ireland and Oxfam Belgium also fundraise from the stores.

List Of Organizations That Help The Poor

Around 100 of Oxfam’s charity shops in the UK are specialist bookshops or book and music shops. Oxfam is Europe’s largest second-hand book dealer, selling around 12 million books each year. In 2008, Oxfam GB worked with over 20,000 volunteers in shops across the UK to raise £17.1 million for Oxfam’s programmes.

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Following the 2018 sexual harassment scandal, chief executive Mark Goldring acknowledged the possibility of Oxfam closing some stores.

The industry press later reported that Oxfam had closed 26 stores in 2020 and that these stores had made a loss of £12.9 million in 2020.

Oxfam has a number of successful fundraising methods outside of its shops. More than half a million people in the UK make a regular financial contribution to their work. In April 2017, the Information Commissioner’s Office fined the charity Oxfam for breaching data protection laws by misusing donors’ personal information. Oxfam was fined £6,000.

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Oxfam has 21 international offices and an international secretariat in Nairobi. Additional offices are in Washington, DC, New York City, Brussels, and Addis Ababa, Geva.

The Oxfam International Secretariat (OIS) leads, supports and supports the collaboration of Oxfam departments. The OIS Board of Directors consists of the Executive Director, each Department Chair and the OI Chair. The sub-chair is a voting, unpaid member. The Executive Director and President of OI are all non-voting members. The board also elects a vice president and treasurer from among the voting members. The Board is responsible for ensuring that Oxfam International is accountable, transparent and fit for purpose.

In 2009-10, the company had about 77 employees (including secondary and temporary staff). It is supported by contributions from related organizations and has an operating budget of $8.7 million.

List Of Organizations That Help The Poor

Oxfam USA President Raymond C. with Rupert Murdoch at the Oxfam/MySpace Rock for Darfur campaign in 2006. offheiser

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In 1970, Oxfam USA became an independent non-profit organization and department of Oxfam to respond to the humanitarian crisis arising from the independence struggle in Bengal. Oxfam USA is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in Washington, DC. has a policy and advocacy office and seven regional offices around the world. As a registered 501(c)3 organization, Oxfam USA campaigns for climate change adaptation, food security, aid reform, access to medicine and fair trade. Ray Offheiser was president and CEO of Oxfam America from 1996 to 2016.

Oxfam Australia is an independent, not-for-profit, global, community-based aid and development organization and a division of Oxfam International.

Oxfam Dmark has its roots in the World University Service Department in Denmark and has been active since 1966 (initially fighting apartheid and similar conditions in other countries in South Africa).

Since the 1970s, the Institute has worked primarily on projects in Africa and Latin America, usually focusing on democracy, education, and the causes of poverty.

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In 1991, the organization split from the independent organization IBIS, International Aid International Solidarity (English: “International Aid International Solidarity”), which mainly works on transformative education, inequality, women’s rights and democracy. In 2015, IBIS became a member of Oxfam.

At the same time, the name changed from IBIS to Oxfam IBIS, and in 2023 they changed completely and changed their name to Oxfam Demark.

Oxfam GB is headquartered in Cowley, Oxford. Its financial office is in Newcastle, where Oxfam stores are managed.

List Of Organizations That Help The Poor

Oxfam GB had a turnover of £408.6 million in 2016/17, has 5,000 staff and uses the services of 23,000 volunteers.

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Mark Goldring served as CEO from 2013 to January 2019, and was succeeded by Dhananjayan (Danny) Sriskandaraja.

Oxfam’s involvement in India began in 1951 with funding to fight famine in Bihar. Bihar was one of the poorest and most populous states in India at that time.

Oxfam launched a petition which resulted in the first report on Oxfam’s work in the UK House of Commons. On May 31, 1951, the US Secretary of State ordered Bihar’s appeal, saying, “The Oxford Famine Relief Committee has appealed for donations, and I hope that individuals will respond indignantly.” One of the many donations received

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