Kirk Franklin If You Want To Be Happy – I will be honest with you. I am not a fan of many of the movements I see in modern faith. I have a hard time fighting the many late-night preachers who promise their water comes from a secret spring in Madagascar (which I highly doubt) and can cure your arthritis and swollen thumb that won’t stop.

The get-rich-quick or “big life” we are promised never teaches people to be content, which is more valuable. When was the last time you heard a minister exhort you to be happy? Are you grateful to be where you are? Persecuting God for who he is, not what he does. Or waking up every day without making a promise is a miracle in itself.

Kirk Franklin If You Want To Be Happy

Kirk Franklin If You Want To Be Happy

Oh miracles! Is this the first song I’ve written or should I say “God gave it to me” for this album? I was going through the socks in my closet when this great tune hit me like a boxing match. My body felt like the sound of a movie. I felt the movement of the bridges come to life in my mind. But most of all I wanted to describe the true meaning of the miracle.

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It is never a supernatural parting of the Red Sea or a downpour that creates Barkuti and takes away a man ready to leave until the earth dries up again, but miracles happen to us every day. We miss them because we are not looking for them. We often keep our eyes on the bigger fish but miss the small drop in our pond of grace.

If you have health and strength, talk to the miracle and find out what the miracle is. If you have healthy children, walk past the little gravestones in the cemetery and remind yourself how quickly your life and dreams can change. I am also a sinner… I complain and envy what seems easy to others, but I slap God in the face every day by not thanking Him for all the mercies He shows me every day.

As you quickly pray for the miracle we long for, remember to be thankful for the miracle we already have.

More important than his impressive accolades, which include nine GRAMMYs, sixteen Doves and thirty-nine Star Awards, is Kirk Franklin’s goal of getting people into the producer’s soul. For this you need…

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YouVersion uses cookies to personalize your experience. By using our website, you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy. Gospel star Kirk Franklin wants to help you get rid of religion. The gospel star is known for mixing gospel with hip-hop. His new album is causing controversy. He said he hopes it will help glorify God.

Kirk Franklin If You Want To Be Happy

Over the past 25 years, there has been no more prominent name in gospel music than Kirk Franklin. At that time, the singer was no stranger to controversies. Combining hip-hop with gospel, he brought the stars and sounds of the club scene to the church, something that not everyone in the church was comfortable with.

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He talks to Michelle Martin about his quest for non-dogmatic faith and why he wants to make God the star of culture. Listen to the radio version at the audio link and read the rest of the interview.

Michelle Martin: So let’s get straight to the point. It’s a long lyric that ends with “I’ll lose my religion, thank God / My job is to help you lose it.” What is the inspiration and what is your message?

Kirk Franklin: I think religion is losing out on knowing who God is and trying to be known by God. Because all religions are man’s attempt to define what is very difficult to define. We have not seen God with our physical eyes, so we try to understand Him – sometimes scientifically, scientifically, intuitively.

We are losing an incredible story – God created man, man rejected God, and God will not stop persecuting man until he returns. This is the simple story of God. Religion can put so many dogmas and clouds on this simple story that people don’t want to know God. They see God as a man with a big belt who surprises you every time he makes a mistake.

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For centuries, people have debated whether our structures interfere with our beliefs. I wonder if you had an epiphany. Did something hit you on the way to the candle? Or is this something that has been brewing for a while?

I think it’s something that’s been part of my psyche for years. I mean, in a song I wrote years ago called Revolution, back in 1998 when I was 28, there’s a line that says, “I’m tired of what the church says about religion.”

I have always found this structure difficult. Because I don’t see people who love God with religion. I have seen people fall in love with God or see God love them through relationships.

Kirk Franklin If You Want To Be Happy

Give me the closing line and then, “I’m losing my religion.” What is this call?

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Inconsistent rules lead to rebellion. So I try not to make rules the premise that leads us to God, because rules never lead us to God – rules drag us.

From God. My work on earth, the raison d’être of the Kirk, is to glorify God. I just want to be recognized by God. I think it created a dialogue—I think it started a conversation and people started talking about what religion is for them.

The most popular song of the album “Would You Be Happy?” a song called Again, I’m sure people hear it differently. What inspired you to write this song?

You know, my job is also to try to create a horizontal Jesus. Most gospel music is very vertical. There’s nothing wrong with that – no problem, you know, “God, we praise You” and “Hallelujah.” These songs are very important. But I also like to make songs that are very horizontal, relevant to people’s everyday lives. The desire to be happy is what every person wants to achieve. This is a conversation anyone can have at any time. What I mean by this is that happiness is not what you wish for – happiness is what you pursue

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At this point about where people meet: A True Story is a piece I really enjoyed. There are no easy answers. Traditionally, people think of gospel music as soothing – something that soothes you in times of pain and tells you that everything is going to be okay. This song isn’t really like that.

No no no. When you read the stories in the Bible—you know, the story of Samson or David or the story of Moses—there is conflict on the way to victory. When you show very vanilla faith, does everyone smile like they just brushed their teeth? Real people don’t live here! Real people are Christians with cancer, Christians with AIDS, Christians coming home from war with broken arms, Christians who have been kicked out by crusaders and displaced. If you don’t paint that picture as well, I think you have the wrong idea of ​​what faith is. Faith is not always sunny. If we don’t, I think we’re selling the wrong information.

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