How To Stop Being Controlling – If you’ve started showing signs of controlling behavior toward your partner, learning how to stop controlling the relationship is the first step to making it last.

Below, sex and relationship therapist Ryan Kivitz explains the root causes of controlling behavior in relationships and how self-awareness, therapy, and setting boundaries can help build healthy relationships.

How To Stop Being Controlling

How To Stop Being Controlling

Controlling behavior can manifest in many ways and is often so subtle that you don’t immediately notice it. Controlling behavior could be a partner controlling your spending, who you spend with, what you spend on, or showing signs of emotional abuse such as gaslighting.

Take Control Of Your Language

“Acts of control can be manipulative and covert, or like taking a partner’s car keys or canceling social plans to prevent them from going out,” Kivitz says, adding that controlling behavior is wrong because it restricts human freedom. . In a relationship.

But why do people control relationships in the first place? “People enter relationship dynamics they’re familiar with, meaning that people who experienced control in childhood end up controlling relationships as adults,” Kivitz says.

Low self-esteem can be the basis for controlling behavior in a relationship because the controlling partner fears that their partner will leave them or that they will not be good enough for them.

“When a person has low self-esteem but fears this will show, they may turn to controlling behavior to avoid being victimized. “Unhelpful beliefs, including thoughts that you are unimportant or incompetent, or the feeling that things in your life or relationships can easily go awry because you are not good enough. linked to low self-esteem,” Kivitz explains.

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A fundamental factor, says Kivitz, is the need for power or a sense of control over the situation. “Controlling behavior is often due to a need to feel like a more powerful partner. It may also be due to insecurity or fear of losing control. Low self-esteem or childhood trauma may underlie these feelings.

Do you feel like you’re controlling your partner, but you’re not sure why? This could be due to various reasons. Consciously or not, control creates a sense of security for you in the relationship. It may ease anxiety and worry, or it may be familiar from a past romantic or family relationship where addiction, codependency, and mental health have caused instability.

But the most important thing is that you begin to recognize your behavior and recognize the emotional impact it has on everyone involved. “A controlling person is responsible for their actions, even if they believe their controlling tendencies never meant harm or harm to their partner,” says Kivitz.

How To Stop Being Controlling

It may be difficult for the controlled person’s partner to recognize the behavior or, if they do, talk about it; It can be very difficult to think about going from bothering your partner to being quiet when you mention it.

Ways To Stop Being Controlling In A Relationship

Still, “it’s important to let them know how their behavior is affecting you and tell them to stop,” Kivitz says. It’s helpful to provide concrete examples of how their control came about and how you felt.”

Want to learn how to stop controlling a relationship? It takes time and self-awareness, but if you’re willing to change and make a conscious effort to relinquish control over your partner, it can help create a healthy relationship environment.

Some controlling people in relationships don’t realize the extent of their actions and are stuck in a cycle of low self-esteem, so this can be the first step to stop acknowledging the control.

“When they learn that their behavior is causing them harm and distress, they are motivated to explore self-help or seek professional support,” Kivitz says.

Let Go Of Work Controlling Your Life

Of course, not everyone wants to change. “If a controlling person refuses to think for themselves and try to change their behavior, you need to consider whether the relationship is safe and healthy for you.”

They become defensive and angry when you try to raise their behavior at red flags, and their controlling behavior worsens, sometimes bordering on domestic violence.

If you feel you are in a controlling relationship that is harmful to your mental or physical health, confide in people you trust, such as close friends and family. If you need advice from a trained professional, talk to or call a psychologist

How To Stop Being Controlling

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If someone tells you that you’re interested in letting go of control, you’re going to learn how to do it.

It’s natural to want to avoid thinking about those reasons, but for our purposes, it’s helpful to identify a few here.

If you’re ready to learn how to stop controlling others, it’s important to identify the specific ways you try to control others.

Less restrictive and willing to put in effort, confident. However, it is not enough to admit that you are in control or perfect. It’s tempting to think that your need for control is worse than destruction.

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It’s not until you take the necessary steps to stop controlling your relationships that you begin to see how damaging your perfectionist behavior is.

You control others (especially those you want to conform to). You can begin the process of living more independently and allow your loved ones to do the same.

Even if you’re self-aware, people close to you will see things you’ve never seen before. And they will see the consequences of their controlling behavior more clearly than you.

How To Stop Being Controlling

Ask them to be honest about what behaviors you’ve noticed so far and which have caused the biggest problems in your relationship.

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The better you listen to others, the easier it will be to accept their words to change your heart and the behaviors that stand between you.

Controlled behavior appears in your daily habits. List the things you do every day and why you do them. Which of these habits have you pressured yourself or (presumably) others to adopt?

Focus on the habits you’ve formed that control others. You can ask people close to you what you usually do.

Be honest about how effective your behavior was in keeping your loved ones under control. Considering what you know so far, put yourself in your partner’s shoes and ask yourself how they might affect a controlling relationship for them.

Ways To Stop Being Controlling In A Relationship

Ask them too. Part of evaluating your behavior is getting feedback from those you are trying to control.

Consider the needs you are trying to satisfy with your controlling behavior. Then find out what your triggers are. What circumstances threaten your ability to meet those needs?

When are you most compelled to control things or people around you? What are the fears behind that compulsion?

How To Stop Being Controlling

Once you know what situations can send you into “control freak mode,” you can do it differently and respond in a healthier way.

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Be honest about how you feel when triggering situations arise. What feelings arise when you are faced with something that triggers your worst fears and anxieties?

The more you recognize those feelings and look behind them, the easier it is to make decisions based on reason rather than imposing discipline when it’s not needed.

Instead, look at your automatic interpretation and your anxiety and reframe the situation. They choose a different way to look at it. Ask those close to you how they see the situation and be open to their interpretations.

You don’t have to pretend you’re not afraid of anything when you are. But look at the bigger picture rather than focusing on what your imagination quickly tells you.

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You have to think of anything or nothing. So, be honest when you apply that kind of thinking to a situation, and instead choose to be open to different interpretations or ideas.

Unless you let go of the idea that things have to be a certain way to be happy or at peace, you won’t be able to take the risks necessary to grow.

When you reframe and practice flexibility in your thinking, you can choose to respond differently to situations that bring out the controller in you.

How To Stop Being Controlling

Think about how

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