How To Invest In Nepal Share Market – Before learning about online stock trading in Nepal, you need to fulfill the basic requirements for stock trading like bank account, demat account and others. So, we believe that the following article may be useful for you if you are new to Nepal scholarship.

Online trading is a technology where investors can buy and sell stocks using computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones over the Internet. Investors anywhere in the world can trade by placing buy/sell orders over the Internet.

How To Invest In Nepal Share Market

How To Invest In Nepal Share Market

Using the online platform, the retailer can place or cancel orders at any time. The online trading system has a huge advantage over the traditional system of placing orders through brokers. Some of the main advantages of online stock trading are:

Nepal Share Market: 6 Important Things You Should Know

2. It gives you more control and flexibility over your investment decisions. You can execute or edit transactions immediately.

3. Provides a seamless trading experience without external interference. You can easily place an order to buy or sell shares with just a few clicks and in much less time.

The online trading system was launched after two decades of capital market in Nepal. The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) launched an online trading system on 20 May 2075. Finance Minister Yuvraj Khatiwada opened an online business in Nepal.

After the establishment of Nepal Stock Exchange in 2050 BS, the regular stock exchange started. In the early days, broker associates would call and record orders, while Neps staff would write orders on the board. For a long time, stocks were traded on paper. From 2072 BS, paperless trading began with the electronic conversion of paper stocks.

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The Trade Management System (TMS) was launched as a means of connecting investors with the broker system and Nepse. This allows investors to place buy and sell orders online. Brokers provide this environment to the investor on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. You must visit the broker once to obtain an online username and password.

To trade shares online, the investor has to go to a brokerage office and first update his KYC by filling a form. Investors cannot participate in online trading until KYC is updated. Those who have chosen an online account can trade online. An offline account holder can only trade through a broker.

The broker will verify the KYC form, open the investor’s account in the transaction management system (TMS) and send the username and password to the email address. Investors will be able to trade using the trading limit and URL provided by the broker by resetting the password.

How To Invest In Nepal Share Market

The brokers office will also provide the TMS login address. Through this URL, the investor can access the Nepse Online Trading System (NOTS). Each agent has a different TMS login URL. To view your broker’s TMS login address, click the link below:

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After opening the URL provided by the referrer, the following screen will appear. Click “Forgot Password” as highlighted by the green box in the image below:

After clicking “Forgot Password”, a new window will appear as shown below. You must enter the “Username” provided by the broker and your email address. You should be careful to enter a valid email address. Then click “Send”.

After clicking “Send”, an email with a password reset link to change your password will be sent to the email address you provided.

After opening your email inbox, you will receive an email with a reset password button. The green box in the image below highlights the Reset Password button.

How To Invest In Nepal Share Market?

After clicking the “Reset Password” button as above, a new window will appear. Now you should enter a new password and confirm the password by entering it again. This highlighted green field shows where to enter the new password. Be careful when choosing a password and follow the guidelines, such as at least one uppercase letter, at least one special character, at least one number, and a password length of 7-14.

After the password is reset, a window will appear showing that the password has been successfully updated. Now you can login to TMS Login and start trading stocks online.

To visit the TMS login, you must open your broker’s login URL. If you don’t know the login URL, click the link below:

How To Invest In Nepal Share Market

The URL will change depending on the broker number. After opening the TMS login URL, this screen will appear. Click on ‘Username’ [highlighted in green box], ‘Password’ [highlighted in blue box] and ‘Enter Captcha’ [highlighted in red box]. Captcha is displayed on the screen as shown below.

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After logging into TMS, “Nepse TMS Dashboard” will appear. The example image below shows the TMS panel.

To submit an order, go to the “Manage Orders” section on the left and click Buy/Sell. Then the order entry screen will open. The buyer must select “BUY” and the seller must select “SELL”. This is highlighted by the red box in the top right corner of the image below.

To purchase shares, click “BUY” at the top right of the screen. A blue screen should appear after selecting “Buy”.

Select “Equity” as the stock type. Now select the company by entering the stock symbol. Enter the number of shares and the desired price on the same order form (based on the displayed price range) and click “BUY”. The green boxes in the image below show this.

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Note: If you have problems placing orders, please contact your broker for assistance.

Also, if you want to sell your shares, click “Sell” at the top right of the screen. A red screen should appear after selecting the ‘Sell’ option.

Follow the same process as before, such as selecting the company by entering the stock symbol, the number of shares and the price of the shares you wish to sell. Then click “Sell” as shown in the green box in the sample image below.

How To Invest In Nepal Share Market

Note: If you want to change or cancel an order in the meantime, go to Manage Orders, go to Order Book and click Open Order. Click the “Edit” symbol on your order, change the quantity or price you want to buy/sell and click to place the order or cancel it by clicking the cancel sign.

Nepal Stock Exchange, How To Invest In Share Market In Nepal?

Even if you don’t want to trade the market right now, you can view the current market, market depth, top winners and losers, charts and other important stock market information. It can be useful in preparing future investment decisions.

Trading stocks online is not as complicated as it seems. In fact, it makes trading too easy. Once you get used to the trading process, you can execute your trades quickly and efficiently. You have full control over your trading actions. However, online trading has several disadvantages. One of them is excessive buying and selling. Since trading is just a click away, you tend to increase your trading activities to take advantage of every little fluctuation. This can be dangerous, over-negotiation can lead to hasty decisions and can also lead to additional expenses. So be careful when executing trades. Don’t get carried away.

It is a financial website that provides news, articles, data and reports related to business, finance and economics. If you don’t know how to invest in the stock market, then this article on how to invest in the stock market in Nepal can help you. There are many methods that you can look at, for that you need to know how to analyze the stock market in Nepal.

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Online Share Trading In Nepal: How To Buy & Sell Shares?

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