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Global Warming Effects And Causes

Global Warming Effects And Causes

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Global Warming Definition, Causes And Effects

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Regarding global warming and resulting climate change. Some impacts create feedback mechanisms that increase climate change towards climate extremes.

[[Speaking of climate change right|causes]] } and large scale [[Global warming effects|effects]] } } regarding global warming and resulting climate change. Some effects create feedback mechanisms that amplify climate change and lead to [[climate system tipping points|climate tipping points]].}

Causes, Impacts And Solutions To Global Warming

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Global Warming Effects And Causes

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Greenhouse Effect And Global Warming: Causes, Effects

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All IPCC definitions are taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

This is the temporary archival refutation of the climate myth that “Akasofu has proven that global warming has only recovered from the Little Ice Age.” Click here to view the latest disclaimer.

Akasufu reasoning is based on magical thinking and curve fitting with no physical explanation. Climate change must have a physical cause, such as an increase in the greenhouse effect.

What Is Climate Change ?

One of the most important concepts to understand when trying to understand how the Earth’s climate works is that any climate change must have a physical cause. For example, we know that the increase in the greenhouse effect creates a global energy imbalance that causes the earth’s surface temperature to rise. Any other explanation must explain why the increase in the greenhouse effect is not causing warming based on basic physics, and why the “fingerprint” of climate change is consistent with the increase in the greenhouse effect.

For example, it is not enough to say that global warming is the result of a “natural cycle”. What cycle causes change? For example, this is due to the Earth’s orbital cycles around the Sun, which are very slow over thousands of years. Are the changes in solar activity that have remained on average constant and even slightly reduced over the past 60 years? Are there ocean cycles that transfer heat between the oceans and the air and do not cause the Earth to store more heat?

The paper was published by retired geophysicist and former director of the International Center for Arctic Research, Hsin-ichi Akasufu of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. Despite his background in the physical sciences, Akasofu presented a very unphysical argument in that paper. He argued that current global warming is simply the result of the planet’s “recovery” from the Little Ice Age, a cold period (cooling largely isolated to Europe) that lasted from about 1550 to 1850.

Global Warming Effects And Causes

Problem – Akasufu has no identified physical reason for this alleged “recovery”. Instead, he engaged in something called “curve fitting,” where you take the data related to the graph you want and scale it to fit, then make an argument for it. The changes shown in that chart have been proven to be caused by your data. In other words, it confuses correlation with causation. If I can take information about the number of pirates in the Caribbean and spaghetti in Ireland and match it with global temperature data, it does not mean that Irish pirates and spaghetti are causing global warming. The physical cause must be identified.

Global Warming: Causes, Effects, And Solutions Free Essay Example

Akasufu was not. He matched some ocean cycle data with global temperature measurements and concluded that the global warming trend was still linear. He then said that the linear trend was a “recovery” from the Little Ice Age and would continue indefinitely into the future, although he did not know why.

Unfortunately, the peer review process is not perfect. Distinguishing between good and imperfect research is necessary, but not enough. Sometimes a bad article is lost, due to poor selection of reviewers or the judgment of the journal editor. Akasufu’s work was published in the same first edition

Which greatly worried its editorial members (many of whom were aware of the low quality of the newspaper) and even caused one of the editors to resign from the magazine.

Climate was also published by Nuccitelli et al. (2013), debunked the Akasufu paper. Nuccitelli et al (2013) identified the following fundamental flaws in Akasofo’s argument.

Communicating The Human Causes Of Global Warming Increases Public Engagement

1) Absence of Physical Mechanisms As mentioned above, Akasufu did not identify any physical reasons for supposed “recovery” in the Little Ice Age. Long-term changes in temperature occur due to global energy imbalances caused by factors such as the increase in the greenhouse effect.

2) The need to stop the current warming. Akasofou’s paper focused on the claim that global warming has “stopped”, but studies that have taken into account the warming of the entire climate (oceans, air, ice and land) have shown that, if anything, global warming is accelerating.

3) curve placement. Akasofu simply showed that the data he was looking for matched global surface temperature measurements, but that global climate models fit the measurements better and were based on real physics.

Global Warming Effects And Causes

Global average near-surface temperatures s from observations (black) and from 58 simulations produced by 14 different climate models due to natural and anthropogenic factors affecting the climate in the 2007 IPCC report (yellow). The average of all these runs is also shown (thick red line). The vertical gray lines indicate the time of the major volcanic eruption.

Major Causes Of Climate Change And Three Possible Strategies To Address Its Negative Impact

4) Failure to consider many known impacts on Earth’s climate. We know that human emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, changes in solar activity and volcanic eruptions, and many other factors affect global surface temperature. If these known factors are not taken into account Akasofu cannot properly identify the causes of past, present or future global warming.

5) Misunderstanding of carbon and climate. Akasufu argued that if the original rate of warming since the Little Ice Age had been consistently linear (which it was not), it could not have been due to accelerated human carbon emissions. First, the relationship between carbon emissions and temperature is not linear (there is a natural log). Second, this is a straw man argument because no one is arguing that carbon emissions are the only factor affecting global temperature. The figure above shows how climate models expect global surface temperatures to change in response to all known factors, including carbon emissions, and they accurately reproduce the observed changes.

The problem with controversial carbon climate (ABC) hypotheses like the Akasufu hypothesis is that they ignore what we know about how the Earth’s climate works. It’s nice to try to estimate the effects of ocean cycles, and that’s what mainstream climate scientists do, but we’ve known how the Earth has warmed in response to the greenhouse effect for over a century. We also know that any long-term global warming must lead to a global energy imbalance.

Any valid climate research must work within a known framework. When you throw out everything we know about the Earth’s climate, as Akasufu did, you are making unphysical arguments based on little more than correlation and curve fitting. The problem with climate naysayers is that our current climate framework is too rigid. We understand the fundamentals of how climate works well enough to accurately reproduce observed changes based on strong and well-understood physical mechanisms such as the enhanced greenhouse effect. It is not supposed to rotate

What Are The Examples Of Changes In Marine And Ocean Ecosystems Caused By The Ongoing Global Warming Process?


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