Different Types Of Fasting And Their Benefits – If you want to learn about all the different types of intermittent fasting, this article is for you. Here is a complete overview of fasting protocols.

In the last decade, intermittent fasting has become very popular. However, this is not new even now, but has been around for thousands of years in different cultures and religions.

Different Types Of Fasting And Their Benefits

Different Types Of Fasting And Their Benefits

There are many reasons and ways to practice intermittent fasting, but it is important to identify some basic points.

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In many cases, intermittent fasting people cut back on the amount of time they eat and don’t actually fast. If you want to schedule something as a fast, it must last for more than 24 hours, because that’s where most of the benefits come into play.

It’s easy – you stop eating – but for optimal results you should pay attention to these different types of short-term fasting that I will share with you.

This is the basic method of intermittent fasting – you fast for about 24 hours and then eat. Brad Pilon, the author, also wrote it

It may not mean that you go a day without eating. Just eat dinner in the evening, fast the next day and eat again in the evening.

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You can even eat food after 23 hours and eat it within an hour. The goal is to accumulate a larger caloric deficit for the day and have a nutritional deficit. Most of the benefits will be wasted if you continue to overeat and gain weight.

Fasting and skipping meals have become obsolete in today’s food environment because you can eat whatever you want. It’s also the “F-word” of the fitness industry. However, fasting should be considered an easy and fast way to lose weight.

When I first discovered intermittent fasting, I was trying to lose weight and improve my results in the gym.

Different Types Of Fasting And Their Benefits

The first ones I heard about were Hodgetwin, two YouTube twins who lift weights and talk about life. They practiced 16/8 fasting.

Effects Of Intermittent Fasting On Health, Aging, And Disease

16:8 Intermittent fasting was popularized by Martin Berhan of Leangains. This is done to improve fat loss while still allowing for intense training.

It’s simple – you fast for 16 hours and eat until 8. How many meals you eat during this period does not matter, but it is not necessary to exceed 2-3.

In my opinion, this should be the minimum fasting time for each day. There is no physical reason to eat earlier, and fasting has many benefits.

Many people find it easier to delay breakfast for a few hours and eat at lunch. When I did 16:8 IF, I starved myself around 12, ate a small ketogenic diet, worked out in the afternoon, and had a second meal between 6-8.

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As soon as it’s 8:00 p.m., I stop eating, even if I have to throw up some food.

The goal is to reduce the time we spend in a full state and to fast most of the day.

One of the first books I read on intermittent fasting was The Warrior Diet by Ora Hoffmeckler. He talks a lot about the benefits of fasting for adapting to stress through the hormesis process.

Different Types Of Fasting And Their Benefits

Fasting not only improves your physical condition and its ability to withstand stressful situations, but also improves your mental and emotional state.

How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight

Warrior food refers to ancient warriors such as the Spartans and Romans who were active during the day and ate heavily in the evening. During the day, they walked with equipment weighing 40 kilograms, built forts, and endured the hot Mediterranean sun, only getting a few meals here and there. In the evening there was a large dinner, with stew, meat, bread and other things.

On the warrior diet, you fast for about 20 hours, train hard, and eat for 4 hours. Generally, this will include 2 small meals and a break in between, or one large feast .

One of the easiest ways to eat is the One Time Diet or OMAD. Just eat once a day and you’re good to go.

In OMAD you usually fast for 21-23 hours and eat for 1-2 hours. It is good for dieting because you can feel full and satisfied while still having a calorie deficit.

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I’ve been eating once a day for over 3 years now, and it’s great. Adapting well to the ketogenic diet means I don’t feel hungry at all during the day and can easily stay hungry for as long as I want.

OMAD is good for fat loss, but not good for muscle growth due to the limited time for protein synthesis and anabolism. I was able to download but it’s a very slow process.

In the past, people often went days without food, but they lived and prospered. These days, ordinary people can’t even skip breakfast, let alone go to bed hungry.

Different Types Of Fasting And Their Benefits

Fasting for more than 24 hours is where all the magic begins. During prolonged fasting and lack of energy, your body is forced to activate long-term pathways that help accumulate fat stores, strengthen stem cells, and regenerate tissue. old, senescent cells through the process of autophagy.

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It usually takes at least a day for significant autophagy symptoms to appear, but you can speed it up by eating a low-carb diet before you start fasting, exercising on an empty stomach, and drinking certain herbal teas that stimulate this process.

Fasting for 36 hours is actually not that difficult. You only eat dinner the night before, you don’t eat anything in the morning, you eat lunch and dinner, you go to bed on an empty stomach, you wake up the next day, you fast for a few more hours start eating again.

Fasting aids include soda water, mineral water, black coffee, green tea, and certain herbal teas.

If you’ve reached the 36 hour mark, why not fast forward to the full 48 hours.

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Fasting is difficult only in the first stage of adaptation. Once you cross the gap that often occurs at regular mealtimes, it’s pretty easy.

Once your body enters deep ketosis and activates autophagy, you will suppress hunger, feel clear, and have more energy and focus.

The most difficult part of any extended period is the 24-hour period. If you can sleep and wake up the next day, then you are set to fast for days and days without a problem. You just have to clear that first hurdle.

Different Types Of Fasting And Their Benefits

Going to bed hungry sounds scary, but it’s something most of the world’s population does every day. It will make you think deeply about your wealth and gratitude for food.

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Fasting for 48 hours will give you a brief boost in autophagy and fat burning, but to get the therapeutic benefits of fasting, you will need to fast for more than 3 days.

Fasting for 72 hours has been shown to restore the immune system of mice. This includes the hematopoietic stem cell pathways that produce blood cells and support the immune system.

Fasting for 3-5 days is also a good time for autophagy, after which you will start to see a slight decrease. Fasting for 7 days or more is unnecessary in most cases. Most people do not need to fast for a long time because you can start to lose muscle mass.

I try to do 3-4 long fasts every year to promote cell healing and cleanse the body. Even though I eat very healthy and avoid junk food, I still do it because of the amazing benefits.

The Easy Guide To 18:6 Intermittent Fasting

If you are overweight or have a medical condition, prolonged fasting can help you recover. Fast for 3-5 days, give a small feed and repeat the process until needed.

**Disclaimer** This is not professional medical advice and I am not a doctor, but this is what I would do. Talk to your doctor first and take full responsibility for your actions.

, which involve fasting, but allow you to eat up to 500 calories on fasting days. This small amount of calories only works to increase compatibility.

Different Types Of Fasting And Their Benefits

Continuing to eat with strict caloric restriction will not allow you to use all the benefits of fasting in full. You will experience side effects, but complete abstinence works best for your physiology and your psychology.

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Principles such as diets that mimic fasting have their place and can be used in some situations. They are often given to people who cannot fast, such as the elderly or other patients.

Everyone can fast physiologically. It happens that some people cannot cope with stress and do not eat. These fast-imitating diets and other fasting methods can help with this.

You eat about 800-1000 calories a day

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