Christian Organizations That Help The Poor – Amazingly, the families that were torn apart by the 1994 Rwandan genocide are now friends. World Vision’s peacebuilding and child support programs have brought these families together around the common goal of helping children. (©2015 World Vision/Photo by Jon Warren)

I have been working in World Vision’s fundraising office in the US since 2006. I went on my first trip in 2010 to see our work in child protection associations in Malawi and Tanzania.

Christian Organizations That Help The Poor

Christian Organizations That Help The Poor

One day, Annie, the regional program director in Malawi, told me about the benefits of being a Christian organization. A story is told about some men in the community who get drunk and spend money to beat their wives and children. But after attending World Vision training, they began to change. They see their value as children of God and their role in the family changes from a strong abuser to a protector and provider. Their hearts were changed; Families moved. Their society has changed. And this is not a unique example. in fact, I find this quite common in our work.

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Obviously I’m a Christian and I work for a Christian charity. But it never occurred to me that our faith could be an important asset and part of our work to end poverty. In any case, If we were to simply do a humanitarian development activity without the essence of faith, we would destroy the whole human being, mind, body and spirit. He will not take care of his body and mind. The puzzle is incomplete because the roots of poverty are often spiritual.

Selfishness Greed violence underestimation of women and children; repression Racial tension and prejudice all contribute to the heart of extreme poverty. This makes Christian charities particularly well suited to helping people break out of the perpetual cycle of poverty.

World leaders believe they can end extreme poverty by 2030. According to the United Nations, we are closer than at any other time in history.

The World Bank is calling on Christian charities and other faith-based humanitarian organizations to help end extreme poverty. Why? Caring for the poor appears to be a value shared by all the world’s major religions.

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Time and again, World Vision has seen the impact of faith in changing people’s lives, especially when we consider faith alongside other aspects. One of my favorite examples is a 52-year-old Bolivian farmer. Lucio Mamani Catari, husband and father of eight children. World Vision met his economic needs by teaching him how to raise livestock, which supported his ability to earn an income.

After becoming a Christian, through World Vision’s active fatherhood program, Lucio became a better parent, an active and supportive father.

Lucio soon learned the value of education for his children through World Vision’s child advocacy program. She went against cultural norms and encouraged her 13-year-old daughter to pursue higher education, a decision that reduced the chances of child marriage.

Christian Organizations That Help The Poor

“If you ask me, what you should do is obey the Bible,” Lucio said. The Bible tells us to love our children.

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In countries where Christianity is a minority religion, our Message of love and forgiveness is incredibly powerful. During the post-9/11 frenzy, gunman Ray Norman, who ran the World Vision Mauritania office, and his then 10-year-old daughter Hannah were shot dead. Miraculously, the two survived the attack.

The Ray family was quite cautious in leaving and closing the World Vision office. But a prominent Muslim cleric urged Ray to stay. Rouhani said his people know that World Vision works with the poor because they love them. Rouhani said then: “If for no other reason, I urge you to stay in this country and learn to love the poor.”

Ray met his attacker in prison, forgave him and shared his incredible message of forgiveness and God’s love, eventually writing a book about it. It was a transformative and peaceful experience as Ray went on to do humanitarian work in Mauritania for several years.

Today, Ray works with World Vision in Mali, organizing interfaith dialogues and workshops that bring together Christian and Muslim religious leaders on common philanthropic goals and social issues. In a joint exercise at a water and sanitation workshop, Ray asked Christian leaders to find water verses in the Bible, while Muslim leaders looked for water in the Koran. When they reunite, they’re surprised to find they have more in common than they thought, and their different beliefs align well with the issue of clean water.

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Religious groups and religious organizations are becoming increasingly important partners in UNICEF’s work with children in developing countries. Religious leaders are influential in developing societies, and faith leaders outnumber health workers. So the ability of Christian charities to collaborate with religious leaders in humanitarian work is a real asset.

A practical example of this effect occurred in the recent Ebola epidemic in Africa. During the crisis, health agencies worked with local priests and imams to modify traditional burial practices, which successfully reduced the spread of disease. World Vision received a grant to train and equip a dignified burial team in Sierra Leone during the outbreak.

During the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone; Sponsored child Haja Kamara stands in front of a sign for a “safe and dignified grave”. He lost three friends during the outbreak. (©2015 World Vision/ Photo by Jonathan Y Bundu)

Christian Organizations That Help The Poor

One of the world’s largest Christian charities, World Vision improves children’s health by addressing the root causes of poverty and injustice. stigma abuse, exploitation, We do this by discussing religious violence and gender-based violence with religious leaders (who are the most trusted leaders in the communities where we work). Our Christian faith and our local and community-oriented staff allow us to connect with people’s hearts and spirituality, especially through local churches and religious leaders. In fact, 95% of our 45,000 employees worldwide work in their own country or region.

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One of the things that can make people afraid of faith-based charities is the concept of piety, which requires a profession of faith in return for help or service. World Vision is no different. Jesus is always ready to say that we are the reason why we do what we do, but he never refuses to help or serve the mission of faith. In fact, we serve as much as possible to anyone of faith or no faith, and we work carefully in cultural contexts to build respectful interfaith relationships.

What sets us apart from other Christian charities is our holistic and sustainable approach to community development. We don’t just meet physical needs; Minds of Men Emphasis on Body and Spirit. As the story of Lucio from Bolivia exemplifies: When physical demands and sources of stress are removed; Hearts and minds can be opened to other positive changes.

Because of the quality and results of our work to end poverty, World Vision is proud to be invited to work in many countries where Christianity is a minority religion. Some Christian charities and child welfare organizations work only in Christian countries or through Christian churches. But this invitation is not for thousands of children in Christian minority countries. This invitation gives us a unique opportunity to serve with the love of Jesus as we connect families and communities with children in need and those who care for them.

Charity Watch Better Business Bureau; Or you can learn more about the best Christian charities to support and review World Vision’s charity ratings through organizations like the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (EFCA).

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Get inspired in your inbox. Join a community of changers. Get inspiring articles and news delivered to your inbox. Caring for the poor is a fundamental pillar of Christian identity and vocation. It is a constant theme in the Old and New Testaments (Deuteronomy 15:4, Proverbs 14:31, Galatians 2:10, James 2:2-6). One definite characteristic of the church throughout history is that its members care for the poor in their midst.

Christian Organizations That Help The Poor

Today, due to economic globalization and the Internet, those who want to care for the poor abroad have many attractive options – feeding a child, livestock donation កងងកាង្ន្រ្រេ Adding a well to the village ក្រ្រ្រ ក្រ្រ្រ្រេ

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Ways to help residents in developing countries? By “best” I mean most effective—things that actually help people out of poverty, and programs that show significant “thrill”—the impact on the poor for every dollar donated.

Measuring the performance of a profit organization is simple – you can see its profit. Measuring the performance of a nonprofit program is more difficult. Most aid and development organizations conduct their own evaluations and measure their impact.

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