Catholic Prayer For Strength And Courage In Difficult Times – When times get tough, or something you’re working on isn’t happening as quickly as you thought it would, it can be difficult to move forward. Here are 25 of the most powerful prayers for perseverance, including printable images that you can use and share.

Father, your word is trustworthy and praiseworthy. Your word is true and your word is faithful. When trouble strikes fear into my heart, I know I can come to you for help. I dedicate my life to you. I need not be afraid, because no ordinary man can do anything to me. When problems arise, remind me to always lean on you. Teach me to always rely on You when difficulties come. When the challenges ahead seem overwhelming, carry me forward by your grace. Be that as it may

Catholic Prayer For Strength And Courage In Difficult Times

Catholic Prayer For Strength And Courage In Difficult Times

Almighty Father, in You our Lord we find the support we need to move forward in life. We gather enough strength to overcome the difficulties that come in life. Our own physical abilities and driving impulses may sometimes fail us, but you faithfully rescue us. You are the source of strength that we need most. Free my heart from fear, knowing that you are always with me. Keep troubled thoughts from my mind, knowing that You are my Almighty God, the cornerstone and strength of my heart. Be that as it may

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God, you are faithful and just in all that you do. Your words are true. You cannot break your promise. Your work is reliable. Help my heart to maintain and nurture this truth so that I can stand confidently through my struggles by the strength of Your promises and assurances. Save me from my doubts and impatience. Keep me from relying solely on human understanding and ability. Teach me to focus on You and trust You completely. Be that as it may

Lord, give us the inner strength we need. By your strength we will endure everything. By believing in Your Word and striving to live by Your commandments, we learn peace and contentment in all situations. Whether we have more or less, we will be satisfied. When life is hard and finances are in need, teach us to believe and persevere as we look for direction in these difficult times. May we feel the fullness of your presence within us as we wait to see us out of our financial difficulties. Be that as it may

Dear Father, Your ways are beyond our understanding and Your wisdom beyond our comprehension. Allow us to trust in the path You have sent us and surrender completely to You. We may not fully understand our problems, but we know that in Your infinite wisdom You have planned things perfectly and have our best interests in mind. I pray that you allow us to learn from your wisdom so that we can see things from your point of view and be strengthened to continue following your will. Be that as it may

Generous Father, You are a righteous God, just in Your dealings and merciful to those who obey You and live in Your honor. You remind us again and again that life is not always pleasant or easy, and you lovingly warn us to beware of obstacles and to expect difficulties. But You assure us of Your constant presence, faithful support and great reward. Help us to stand firm knowing that Your word is true and that Your reward is certain now and hereafter. Be that as it may

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Heavenly Father, perfect are your ways and perfect are your good plans. Sometimes the difficult tests you let us go through seem difficult and difficult to imagine at first, but in the end they give us the results we want. Teach us to always trust the way you lead us through life lessons. Help us see that the tests of our faith produce the perseverance we need. May we realize that our constant perseverance will lead us to the maturity and godliness You desire in our lives. Be that as it may

Love God, your wisdom is perfect. Your knowledge is impeccable. You allow us to see our journey and relationship from a better perspective. You help us understand what it takes to survive and overcome relationship struggles. Your intelligence helps us better understand yourself and others. I rely on you for help and strength to resolve the current conflict with my loved ones today. Help me not to leave them and they not to leave me. Give us patience and understanding to make useful compromises and sacrifices for good relationship. Be that as it may

Faithful Father, You always remember our efforts, our struggles, our difficulties and our sufferings to stand firm for Your glory. You see we try to be like you. Help us to focus on this truth and give us the courage to move forward with full faith in our hope in You, and through faith and patience we will finally realize and experience Your promises in full. Be that as it may

Catholic Prayer For Strength And Courage In Difficult Times

Lord, You are the source of our faith and You bring it to perfection. You made it possible by suffering an unjust death and allowing yourself to be humiliated on the cross. You left the comforts of heaven so that you could be an example of suffering and endurance for us. As we face life’s challenges and hardships, help us learn from You and focus on what You are doing for us. Teach us to face the fate of life with patience and endurance. Be that as it may

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Father, you are our faithful and loving God. You listen to us without exception. You always support us. When anxious thoughts plague me, you comfort me with your comforting presence. When doubts and weaknesses disturb me, you support me with your unfailing love. Without your constant support, I would have fallen into depression and despair. Always remind me of your steadfast love and give me the determination to face adversity because your love never ends and your help never fails. Be that as it may

Father, you restore and strengthen us after we suffer. You lifted us up again after our hardships. Although we go through hardships and feel depressed at times, we are sure of your loving care. As long as we persevere, by your grace we can overcome. Help me keep all this firmly in mind as I go about my daily work. Keep me strong and determined while handling my responsibilities and duties. Give me energy when I’m down. Can I stick to my determination to achieve my life goals? Be that as it may

Creator God, we are all your handiwork. You are our potter and we are the clay. You want us to be the best version of ourselves. Through life’s hardships, you slowly mold us into perfection. Help us to bear the hardships and bear the hardships patiently, knowing that in these sufferings you are striving to create your masterpiece. Teach us to be calm and patient in the face of adversity, and willingly and faithfully submit ourselves like clay to the hands of the potter. Be that as it may

God of hope, you are almighty God. Your power is supreme and you are unmatched. We thank You for giving us the privilege of being empowered according to Your mighty power. Give us enough strength to get through the pain of life so that we don’t give up easily. Strengthen us with courage and confidence to be patient and calm in spite of problems and not fall into despair and despair. With great joy, we thank you for your loving empowerment and the peace it brings. Be that as it may

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Father, You generously give us opportunities in life, and You generously reward those of us who take these opportunities. But we know that life’s challenges are sometimes overwhelming. They can sometimes be depressing, drain our energy and leave us exhausted. However, if we persist in our efforts and stick to our goals, you have promised us success at the right time. Encourage us by speaking this truth, that we may not faint and be sure that our efforts will succeed. Be that as it may

Heavenly Father, I take refuge in you, for you are my rock and fortress. You protect me when I am persecuted, protect me in trouble. You are my shield. I claim this truth today. May I remember who you are and what you did for me when I was sick. As I face physical and mental limitations, I must not lose or lose. Let me remember that in You my strength is restored and my will to endure is renewed. Be that as it may

Heavenly Father, you guide those who please you. Sometimes problems confuse my mind, problems lead astray and trouble my heart. I humbly request your clear instructions.

Catholic Prayer For Strength And Courage In Difficult Times


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