Bachelor's Degree Logistics Supply Chain Management – The International Internet Master in Supply Chain and Logistics Management aims to provide the right skills to manage effectively, through the supply chain they follow all the latest technologies and follow all the trends.

These professionals can gain a deep understanding of: supply chain strategy and sustainability; how to analyze and design effective global supply chain operations; Effectively managing logistics, how to use digital tools and supply chain to solve problems and communicate results, role of e-supply chain, business analysis and shared economy in today’s supply chains – supply, procurement process; Decision Making in Logistics and Reverse Logistics, Inventory.

Bachelor's Degree Logistics Supply Chain Management

Bachelor's Degree Logistics Supply Chain Management

A global network of industry partners helps young and senior professionals build their careers and RBS creates a great learning experience, with business training LABs, building visits, in-class exercises and dedicated trainers.

Why Is A Bachelor’s Degree So Important

Rome Business School is proud to be the most international business school in Italy, able to immerse our students in an interesting environment, thanks to international teachers, Silicon Valley, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Rome and our exclusive bootcamps in Tuscany and a mixed version. In our classes.

Our ultimate goal is to train managers and leaders. For this reason, we have built our Masters around the professional and personal development of our students, offering a range of activities and experiences such as our industry, various company meetings, company shadowing, individual teacher training sessions and the Soft Skills Programme.

Every part of our Masters is fully dedicated to developing a sustainable and thoughtful approach to business with the highest purpose, corporate social responsibility and business.

+ 47% increase in average salary after one year of completing Masters in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. They work for famous companies: Leroy Merlin, Glovo and Pirelli.

Mba In Logistics And Supply Chain Management

During the first module of the online International Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, students will learn to:

Rome Business School’s mission is to create managers, entrepreneurs and professionals of the future who are ready to take advantage of digital opportunities, go global and have a positive impact on society.

The Rome Business School training lab is a place where theoretical concepts are put into practice and where participants learn through experience. The lab is led by Glovo managers, who will explore different professional skills, practice and network, while sharing their experience and knowledge with students. The lab is fully run by Glovo managers, with whom you will develop a process that guides customers through the Glovo customer journey.

Bachelor's Degree Logistics Supply Chain Management

At the end of your academic experience, you will have the opportunity to prove your skills by facing a real business challenge. Identify opportunities and use your skills to develop a truly innovative strategy.

Creating A Beautiful Future For Strategic Supply Chains With Roberto Canevari With The Estee Lauder Companies

It addresses a real challenge in the industry. You can be part of a small team, design a marketing plan for a new business, or develop a strategy to increase online sales or create a loyalty offer for another generation.

We will provide you with two case studies from two real companies that will allow you to test your knowledge that you have learned during the master’s course.

In one week you will have an intensive and full business experience, face challenges, meet managers, students and teachers and at the end of the bootcamp experience you will have the opportunity to create your own project.

Change your world forever: Discover where global technology was born and developed. From microprocessors to computers, from browsers to social media, from the sharing economy to cryptocurrencies.

Bachelor Of Applied Science In Global Trade & Logistics

The challenge is how to combine creativity and management across all types of industries in luxury homes.

Sup de Luxe welcomes more than 500 students from all over the world every year. Since its inception, the school has enjoyed incredible success with a network of 3,500 graduates.

Create an entirely new business idea using Google Ventures Methodology: The Design Sprint. How innovation and entrepreneurship are changing the global marketplace.

Bachelor's Degree Logistics Supply Chain Management

The goal is to connect content and network as current or future industry leaders.

Pdf) Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Experience Italy from a native perspective by exploring the culture and understanding not only the winemaking process, but most importantly the compatibility of food and wine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to do business, grow as a socially responsible leader and discover Africa’s greatest invention.

Identify and develop unique opportunities to grow in a dynamic environment with a traditional yet modern business approach.

The Institute’s Advisory Board shows a spirit of collaboration between the academic world and the real management industry by becoming one of the key players in the quality assurance process, a continuous improvement process of Rome Business School management training programs.

Sustainable Supply Chain, Digital Transformation, And Blockchain Technology Adoption In The Tourism Sector

With 87 managers, executives and experts from the main areas of national and international business through the Corporate Advisory Board, the Rome Business School is constantly in the process of updating its training programs. . In school year meetings and discussions.

Rome Business School Master in International Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics, conducted by highly selected international university experts, academics and entrepreneurs, drawn from a wide range of activities and professional fields, from businessman to lawyer, entrepreneur to educator and speaker. The learning process aims to acquire the knowledge, skills required by the market at present

Bernardo Nicoletti began his career in 1983, serving as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Alitalia Airlines. He later served as Vice President and then CTO at GE Money before moving to the GE Oil & Gas Group as CTO and Chief Information Officer (CIO). He later served as Director for SBD and CIO for Latin America at AIG UPC Universal Processing Center.

Bachelor's Degree Logistics Supply Chain Management

He was then Director for Europe and the Middle East at Transigma Partners, a strategic consultancy covering three key areas: cyber security, strategic transformation and strategic delivery. Meanwhile, he was Chief Strategic Development Manager at Istituto per il Credito Sportivo (ICS) and (then) Interim CIO and Finance Manager and (then) Equity at CDI Manager Srl, a leading company with a special purpose. affect . In Interim Administration and Management Research. (Finmeccanica Group, SKY, ARISTON, etc.) and in regulated sectors (Rome Airports, Italian Railways, ANAS, etc.).

Supply Chain Manager Resume Samples

To date he has held a number of roles: Director of Pinion Services Ltd for almost 15 years; Advisory Member of Roaring Bright Ventures; Professor of Business Administration, Supply Chain Management and Operations Management at Temple University and Rome Tor Vergata University. As a business consultant, he mandates the Lean and Digitalization process based on the combined use of Lean Six Sigma and Digital Transformation. He has published twenty books and chapters, which have been translated into many languages, including Chinese: The Future of FinTech and Banking 5.0., Agile Procurement, Lean Procurement, Procurement 4.0 and Supply Network 5.0, Lean and Digitize.

Grazia Torrente is a lawyer specialized in civil and international law and a lecturer in Transport and Logistics Law at the State University of Milan in Fashion at the Catholic University in the SCHMIDT Master’s Program on New Technologies and Law. . He holds Diploma in Corporate Lawyers from Bocconi University – 1999, Diploma in International Business Law from Queen Mary University – 2007. He also works as Senior Representative at Eversheds Bianchini. He has been the owner of Torrente Vignone Studio Legale Internazionale for 11 years. His areas of specialization include logistics, domestic and international road transport, trademark, joint files with the Competition and Markets Authority, financial services and hotels and accommodation. The Master’s program teaches the module: Laws of Supply Chain and International Markets.

Andrea has a unique academic background, holding a PhD in Management, an MBA in International Business, 4 Master’s degrees and a university qualification in China. With more than 20 years of experience, he has held several roles at Accenture, including consultant, external researcher for Confardigiano Impreza and Leonardo, research member at Fondazione Italiana Accenture, FEACO and ASSOCONSULT Confindustria, research partner of the Ministry of Economic Development. . , Member of the Recruitment Strategy Committee of the Ministry of Interior, Senior Researcher at CNR, Senior Content Manager at the Italian Chamber of Commerce (ITA) and more. At the same time, he led an academic career, working as a lecturer, fellow and lecturer at various institutions including Cranfield University, University of Tennessee, Tianjin University, ETH Zurich, ELIS, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sant’Anna Higher. School. , LUISS Guido Carli, Dalian University of Technology and others. Currently, he holds several roles such as expert evaluation at the National Institute for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes of the Ministry of Education, external partner for research and training services at IBM, expert member at the Environmental Finance Initiative. United Nations Program (UNEP FI), Coordinator of the Marie Curie Horizon 2020 Program at the European Commission, Training Specialist at SNAM and State Police and many more.

Over 26 years of experience as a report manager, business and project and project manager related to enterprise software applications and professional services. Passionate about project management, especially in the field of IT, in 2005 he established an IT consultancy, Comdust SRL.

The Great Resignation Skips The Supply Chain


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